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HS girls' tennis has two quarterfinalists at Kanto Finals

The high school girls' tennis team competed in Kanto Tennis Finals at ASIJ on Friday. CAJ had two players reach the quarterfinals of their brackets.

CAJ had Jenny and Mae both advance past the first round in the singles tournament with opening-match wins. However, they both were unable to advance further. The rest of the team was unfortunately unable to pick up an official win.

"It was a beautiful day for playing tennis," coach Naoko Sawada said. "All the girls played right after arriving, so it was tough to adjust to the matches without warmups. Jenny and Mae managed to win their first round matches but had to play against better players in the second round and lost. The other girls tried to win their consolation matches, but it was difficult."

These are the full scores from Friday:

Jenny wins 8-4 in first round, loses 1-8 in quarterfinals
Mae wins 8-5 in first round, loses 1-8 in quarterfinals
JaeEun loses 0-8 in first round, loses 2-6 in consolation quarterfinals, loses 0-6 in exhibition

Miyuki/Sophie lose 7-8 in first round, lose 4-6 in consolation semifinals, win 6-1 in exhibition
Tina/EunMin lose 2-8 in first round, lose 2-8 in consolation semifinals and lose 0-6 in exhibition
Mina/Megumi lose 1-6 in exhibition

The Knights will end their season next week Wednesday through Friday at Far East at Kadena High School in Okinawa.

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