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Girls' tennis team falls 4-1 to ISSH

The CAJ girls' tennis team lost 4-1 at home to ISSH on Thursday evening. The Knights had a few close matches, but only Kaitlyn at 1st singles was able to secure a victory. The team's season record now stands at 1-4.

Coach Ushio Sawada pointed out the performance of Hanna at 2nd singles as a big positive for the team. Her performance was impressive, even in a close defeat.

"She lost a tiebreaker but was able to play a really good game," Sawada said. "She was able to dictate most of her points that she won."

Below are the complete results from all five individual matches:

1st Singles- Kaitlyn wins 8-3
2nd Singles- Hanna loses 7-8
3rd Singles- Kiara loses 5-8
1st Doubles- Raven and Jenny lose 1-8
2nd Doubles- JaeEun and SeoYeon lose 4-8

The next match for the Knights will be next Tuesday evening at Yokota.

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