Board Chair's Role B 4.4

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Section 4 Governance Process

4.4 Board Chair’s Role

The board chair assures the integrity of the board’s process and, secondarily, occasionally represents the board in public or official situations and communications.


4.4.1 The board chair shall lead the board to behave consistently with its own rules and those legitimately imposed upon it from outside the organization. Meeting discussion content will be only those issues that, according to board policy, clearly belong to the board to decide, not the head of school. Deliberation will be fair, open, and thorough, but also timely, orderly, and kept to the point.

4.4.2 The authority of the board chair consists in making decisions that fall within topics covered by board policies on governance process and board/head of school linkage, except where the board specifically delegates portions of this authority to others. The chair is authorized to use any reasonable interpretation of the provisions in these policies. The board chair is empowered to chair board meetings with all the commonly accepted power of that position (e.g. ruling, recognizing). The chair has no authority to make decisions about policies created by the board within ends and executive limitations policy areas. Therefore, the chair has no authority to supervise or direct the head of school. The chair may delegate authority but remains accountable for its use. (SY 12-13:22) In the event the head of school is suddenly incapacitated and is thus unable to appoint an acting head of school, the chair will ensure that one is appointed from the Leadership Team in accordance with policy B4.3.5.4 (Ref B2.5) (SY 08-09:111)

4.4.3 The board chair may appoint committee members and a chair for each board committee.

4.4.4 Once a year a meeting will be held by the board chair to present an annual report on the state of the school, provide an opportunity to educate mission leadership on CAJ’s programs, and to gain information from the missions relevant to the board. Leaders or representatives of founding missions, missions supplying the school with personnel, missions with students at the school and missions with students in the School Support Services program will be invited. (SY 06-07:118; SY 08-09:134; SY 09-10:140; SY 10-11:158; SY 12-13:138)

A mission is defined as an established organization involved in full-time cross-cultural Christian ministry and in agreement with CAJ's statement of faith.

4.4.5 The board chair shall annually have the board review the last five years of staff exiting reports to discern possible trends. (cf2.2.20) (SY 05-06:209)

4.4.6 The board chair will keep a record of the head of school monitoring reports on policy compliance and follow up on partial and non-compliance. The board chair will present an annual review of progress on partial and non-compliance policy items. (cf. 3.5.5) (SY 07-08:68; SY 13-14:61)

4.4.7 The board chair shall report annually on the use of the head of school professional development funds. (SY 09-10:131; SY 11-12:169; SY 12-13:139)

4.4.8 The board chair shall report annually in writing on board compliance with section B3 and B4 of the board policy manual. (SY 12-13:135)

(SY 10-11:19 deleted B4.4.3.1)

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