Constitution, Article IV Founding Missions

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Constitution: Article IV[edit]

Founding Missions[edit]

The founding missions of Christian Academy in Japan are: Christian Reformed Japan Mission, Serve Globally - The Evangelical Covenant Church, WorldVenture, OMS International, SEND International, and The Evangelical Alliance Mission.

Each founding mission shall nominate two representatives to the Board of Councilors, of which one representative will serve on the Board of Directors. Founding missions may nominate either representatives from their own missions, or representatives outside of their missions.

The Board of Directors shall be composed of nine members, one each from the founding missions, the head of school, and two members –at-large with one of the members of the board experienced in education.

The Board of Councilors shall be composed of nineteen members, two members each from the founding missions, one staff person, one alumni who is 25 years or older, one person experienced in education, and the remaining members as members-at-large.

In recognition of the 1961 agreement concerning the involvement of the six founding missions, founding missions will exercise their control of CAJ through the Board of Directors, which is the legal property-holding entity recognized by the Japanese government.

The Board of Directors and the Board of Councilors shall have full responsibility for the operation of the Christian Academy in Japan.

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