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* Ends are board policies regarding the purpose of CAJ. In other words, they are a big-picture snapshot of the "best-possible CAJ."

  • The head of school reports annually on how ends are being pursued.

CAJ's ends are:

1.0 Students equipped to serve Japan and the world for Christ. (consistent with Article II and III of the Constitution.)

1.1 Students: Students achieving the student objectives
1.2 Program: An exemplary, sustainable, Bible-based educational program
1.3 Culture: An organizational culture which reflects board-approved values (faithfulness, caring, collaboration, diversity, excellence, and stewardship) and is aware of and responsive to demographic trends.
1.4 Staff: Qualified Christian staff working to achieve board ends
1.5 Finance: Sound financial practice
1.6 Facilities: An attractive, safe, well-maintained facility that enhances student learning

See also Executive Limitations

Board Policy: B.1