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Thrift Shop
Thrift Shop is a huge "garage sale" or bazaar held once each year in October. The entire gymnasium is transformed into a market where various items can be purchased at greatly reduced prices. (See the "What is Thrift Shop" flyer.) Any member of the CAJ PTA is permitted to sell (or donate) their no-longer-needed items (used or new). The sale lasts for two days. The first day, always Friday, is open only to PTA members. The second day, Saturday, is open to anyone.

Funds raised at Thrift Shop are used by the PTA for many non-budgeted items requested by the school staff.

For further information, check out the Thrift Shop Information page (English | Japanese | Korean).

Guidelines for pricing your items are available, as is a "for sale" sign for large items.

Volunteers are needed in order for Thrift Shop to happen. Fill out the Thrift Shop Volunteer Form (in English, Japanese and Korean) or sign up online and come be a part of a great week!

Check the CAJ calendars for the dates of the next Thrift Shop.
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