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Update on Historical Abuse Investigation Recommendations

1. Provide Access to the Alumni Presentation to the sponsoring organizations as well as an alumni voice for the public report.

Alumni representatives Debbie Rhoads and Brenda Seat gave an online presentation giving context for the investigation of historical abuse at CAJ to members of the CAJ Board of Directors and representatives from all participating mission organizations on January 28, 2022. The presentation was powerful and moving, and the responses were emotional and sorrowful. At least one more presentation is being planned

2. Provide the budget and opportunity for a commemorative plaque or work of art in cooperation with alumni.

The CAJ Board of Directors has been conducting research into a variety of options for a tasteful memorial, and we welcome input from any alumni who would like to participate. If alumni would like to serve on a committee for this memorial proposal, please contact Anda Foxwell ( as soon as possible. Our thought is that the committee would be the primary voice in choosing the artwork.

Plans are also in process for dismantling the mosaic in the front hallway of the Academic Building because of its connection with an established offender.

3. Provide a retreat for alumni staffed by a restorative justice organization.

Facilitators are being contacted and a rough outline created for a survivor retreat in cooperation with the Alumni Representatives. A survey is being developed based on this outline and will be mailed to all alumni who interviewed with Telios Law and will also be available via a link on this page. We want to hear from alumni in order to effectively plan a retreat that will meet as many needs as possible and be a step in healing for all who attend.

4. Apologies should be made with care and consideration.

All participating organizations have issued apologies for any role they may have played in the abuse that went on at CAJ. These are included in the Summary Report and can also be found on organizational websites. Individual apology letters were also written to survivors who gave interviews to Telios Law.

5. Have protocols in place for delivering individual apologies.

Individual apology letters were mailed via delivery services to those who participated in the investigation. These were delivered with a statement of findings summarizing their situation and were received before the public release of the report. If anyone believes that documents are missing, please contact

6. Create a trust fund for counseling.

The participating organizations have agreed on a format for the trust fund and the funds have been provided. Telios Law is working with a consultant to develop protocols for the therapy support program, and these are well underway. Alumni are able to request help immediately. Please contact Carole Egler at

7. Use a model to serve counselling requests that is managed and has guidelines but that does not require personal information to be given to the sponsoring organizations.

The therapy application process will be managed by a member of Telios Law, and any personal information will be kept confidential and secure and not shared with any organizations.

8. Current CAJ Child Safety policies should be reviewed every other year by an independent source.

As stated in the report, this happens regularly through CAJ’s accrediting organization (WASC). There are no dorms anymore and all teachers are fully credentialed and receive regular child safety training.

9. Current child safety policies of the other sponsoring organizations should be reviewed every other year by an independent source.

As stated in the report, this is in place and the sponsoring organizations have committed to this on an ongoing basis

10. Engage in a risk evaluation with students of CAJ.

This is in process and will be done externally and internally on a regular basis, but it has not yet been completed.

CAJ Survivors’ Retreat
Per the recommendation of the CAJ Historical Abuse Review Panel, Telios Law was commissioned by CAJ and the cooperating missions to organize a retreat for alumni survivors. Plans are in the final stages and Telios Law would now like to announce arrangements for the CAJ Survivors’ Retreat. All CAJ survivors and their support persons are welcome. Click here for details.

Historical Abuse Report
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