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General, Capital, or Scholarship Fund
General: Contributions to this fund assist with the long term financial stability and afforability of the school.
Capital: Contributions to this fund assist in the purchase of large items at our school (field upgrade, building construction, computers, musical instruments, etc).
Scholarship: Contributions to this fund provide college scholarships.

Donate via check or monthly electronic funds transfer
Tax-deductible contributions (US and Canada) can be made by check, please make checks payable to: RCE International. Please include one of our account numbers from below that you would like to support on the memo line of your check or on a separate sheet of paper. Mail to:
RCE International
PO Box 4528
Wheaton, IL 60189
27110 - CAJ General Fund
27120 - CAJ Capital Campaign Fund
27130 - CAJ Student Scholarship Fund
We also offer an Electronic Funds Transfer option for American donors via RCE where your donation is deducted directly from your checking or savings account on a monthly basis. Please fill out and return the RCE EFT Form to set up your automatic donations.

Hundreds of US companies will match gifts made by employees to nonprofit organizations. Please contact your employer's personnel or human resources department for information. You may be able to double your gift to us.

Thank you for supporting CAJ and encouraging us in our mission to equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ
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