in Japan
Donate to CAJ in yen / CAJに円で寄付をする
Donate by bank transfer, or cash / 寄付は銀行振込または現金でお願いします
Bank transfer to Resona Bank, Higashi Kurume branch, Futsu Yokin Savings Account #4187455 ガク)クリスチャンアカデミーインジャパンドネーション
下記の銀行にお振込でお願いいたします。りそな銀行、東久留米支店、普通 4187455 ガク)クリスチャンアカデミーインジャパンドネーション

Or cash in person: Every school day during cashier’s hours.

Donation to Operational Fund including field upgrade, tuition assistance, scholarship or service fund can be tax deductible in Japan. Send an email to specify which fund to use.

Planned Giving and other Giving Options
Other ways to give now
In addition to donations in cash, there are several other ways to tax effectively give that may better suit your circumstances. These include:
Other ways to give in the future
There are also many ways to include Christian Academy in Japan in your planned future giving, or estate planning. These include options such as:

To explore these options further we would encourage you to talk to your estate lawyer or tax advisor, and/or contact the business office at CAJ. We can provide some general information, some service provider options to consider, the account details of where to direct the funds to and discuss your vision for how the funds would be used. We would love to talk with you.

Thank you for supporting CAJ and encouraging us in our mission to equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.
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