Authority and Accountability of the Head of School B 3.3


Section 3 Board-Head of School Linkage

3.3 Authority and Accountability of the Head of School

The head of school is the board’s only link to operational achievement and conduct, so that all authority and accountability of staff, as far as the board is concerned, is considered the authority and accountability of the head of school.


3.3.1 The board will never give instructions to persons who report directly or indirectly to the head of school.

3.3.2 The board will refrain from evaluating, either formally or informally, any staff other than the head of school.

3.3.3 The board will evaluate the head of school annually. In evaluating the head of school, primary consideration will be given to organizational performance, that is accomplishment of board-stated ends (as evidenced in monthly monitoring reports--cf. 3.4) and avoidance of board-proscribed means. Additional consideration may be given to leadership qualities and areas related to the head of school's job description. (SY 06-07:46, SY 15-16:119) A Head of School Evaluation Committee will be formed.
Step 1: The committee will meet to (SY 13-14:23)
a. Review a self-evaluation written by the head of school from his or her job description. (SY 13-14:24)
b. Review data from the Leadership Team evaluation of the head of school (SY 10-11:19; SY 11-12:32)
c. Review data from the board evaluation of the head of school (SY 10-11:19)
d. Review data from the parent survey (B2.1.4.1) (SY 10-11:19; SY20-21:95)
e. Ask any additional questions relating to the job, communication/relationship with the board, personal goals, head of school’s professional development, member care issues, staff survey, etc. (SY 09-10:82; SY 09-10:130; SY 11-12:83; SY20-21:95)
Step 2: The committee will report the contents of the meeting to the full board without the head of school present at the board meeting following the evaluation.
Step 3: The committee will meet with the head of school, preferably within a week of that board meeting, to report any suggestions from the full board and evaluate the process. (SY 07-08:11; SY 07-08:148)

3.3.4 The board shall not fail to care for the head of school by providing professional development funds, consultants, and counselors as needed. (SY 08-09:141)

(Revised SY 06-07:46; SY 07-08:11; SY 07-08:148; SY 09-10:130, SY 15-16:119)

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