Board Size, Nomination, Election, and Terms B 4.9


Section 4 Governance Process

4.9 Board Size, Nomination, Election, and Terms

In accordance with Chapter 3 of the Act of Endowment, the board aims to maintain a size of 9 elected members and two supervisor-auditors. The board governance committee will orient founding missions to elicit appropriate nominations for board consideration to fill vacancies on the board. (SY 10-11:19; SY 10-11:159; SY 13-14:25; SY 13-14:65)


4.9.1 Before May 1 the board shall: (SY 08-09:79; SY 12-13:23) Approve or disapprove founding missions' nominations for new board members. (SY 10-11:160) Individuals may not be nominated or serve if they are staff members of the Christian Academy in Japan, except for the head of school. (SY 11-12:181)

4.9.2 Qualifications Members of the Board of Councilors, the Board of Directors, and the supervisor-auditors will be selected in accordance with the Act of Endowment Chapter 3, Articles 6-9.4 and Chapter 4, Articles 25-26.3. (SY 13-14:18) At the beginning of a new term of service, each board member and supervisor-auditor shall declare in writing unconditional agreement with CAJ’s doctrinal statements, as stated in Article II of the Constitution and Division A, Section 4.4 of the board manual; and support for the purpose of the school, as stated in Article II, 2 and Article III of the Constitution. (SY 12:13:231) A prospective member may note in writing any disagreement with the above, with reasons for disagreement. The board shall then decide whether the nature of the disagreement is substantive enough to preclude the member from serving on the board.

4.9.3 Nomination process for members-at-large and supervisor-auditors (SY 11-12:182; SY 12-13:97; SY 12-13:232) The six founding missions and members of both boards will be asked by the chairperson of the Governance and Policy Review Committee of the Board of Directors for names of potential nominees to fill the member-at-large and supervisor-auditor positions on the boards. (SY 12-13:201; SY 12-13:233) The head of school will ask the members of the Leadership Team for names of potential nominees to fill the member-at-large and auditor positions on the boards and communicate these to the chairperson of the Governance and Policy Review Committee. (SY 12-13:202) The list of names will be brought to the Governance and Policy Review Committee for discussion. The Governance and Policy Review Committee will narrow the list down to a shorter list of names to contact to ask if they will be willing to have their name placed in nomination. The Governance and Policy Review Committee will take into account the person’s church/mission affiliation, work, gender, and relationship to the school (alumni, parent of student, family member employed by the school, etc.) during the winnowing process. People willing to have their names placed in nomination will then be asked to send a resume detailing work experience, church involvement, relationship to the school, and personal testimony, and send that information to the Governance and Policy Review Committee Chair. The information from the nominees will then be brought to the board that is voting on the nominations. All voting will be done by secret ballot.

4.9.4 In case of the sudden resignation or incapacitation of a member-at-large or a supervisor-auditor, the board chair will contact the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will recommend one of the Board of Councilors who is in the member-at-large category to replace the member who has stepped down. The replacement will serve out the remainder of the term of the board member that has stepped down. The Councilor will then be replaced by the process outlined in B4.9.3. (SY 15-16:55)


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