Head of School Qualifications B 3.1


Section 3 Board-Head of School Linkage

3.1 Head of School Qualifications

On behalf of the board, the head of school is responsible to advance the school's mission by implementing the school philosophy and board policies, thus promoting student learning and equipping students to serve Japan and the world for Christ. (SY20-21:95)

3.1.1 To this end, the board shall not fail to hire a head of school who will: (SY 05-06: 153) Inspire students and staff to deeper Christian faith and living by modeling a Christ-like lifestyle. Wholeheartedly advance CAJ's mission and implement board policy. Ensure students are instructed from a Christian perspective using a biblical worldview. Strive for school-wide excellence in all areas. Demonstrate continuous professional growth based on school-wide goals as well as individual goals identified in cooperation with the board. Serve as primary channel of communication between the board and staff/school community. Serve as a member and an advisor to the board, and as an ex officio member of board committees. (SY 12-13:24) Promote accountability structures throughout the school (SY 06-07:144) Work collaboratively with a leadership team. (SY 06-07:144) Perform additional duties as assigned by the board.

3.1.2 The board shall appoint a head of school with the following qualifications: Born-again Christian who models a Christ-like lifestyle Emotional maturity and good judgment Positive interpersonal relationships Clearly-articulated philosophy of Christian education Wholehearted commitment to CAJ's mission, beliefs, and philosophy Active participation in a local church doctrinally compatible with CAJ's Statement of Faith Wholehearted commitment to abide by and implement board policy Support for policy governance system Support for the missionary effort in Japan Able to deal with the different constituencies of CAJ Qualifications necessary for employment as a principal at CAJ Fulfillment of Japanese government requirements for employment

[Evaluation of the head of school is treated in B 3.3.3, B 3.5, and B 4.2.4.]

(Title amended SY 06-07:45; SY 06-07:144; SY 16-17:57)

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