Monitoring of Head of School Performance B 3.5


Section 3 Board-Head of School Linkage

3.5 Monitoring of Head of School Performance

Systematic and rigorous monitoring of head of school job performance will be against the expected head of school job outputs: organizational accomplishment of board policies on ends and organizational operation within the boundaries established in board policies on executive limitations.


3.5.1 Monitoring is simply to determine the degree to which board policies are being met.

3.5.2 The board will acquire monitoring data by one or more of three methods: By internal report, in which the head of school discloses compliance information to the board. By external report, in which an external, disinterested third party selected by the board assesses compliance with board policies. By direct board inspection, in which a designated member or members of the board assess compliance with the appropriate policy criteria.

3.5.3 In every case, the standard for compliance shall be any reasonable head of school interpretation of the board policy being monitored.

3.5.4 All policies that instruct the head of school will be monitored at a frequency and by a method chosen by the board. The board can monitor any policy at any time by any of the above methods, but will ordinarily depend on a routine schedule. (SY07-08:149; SY09-10:74; SY 13-14:17)

3.5.5 The board chair will keep a record of the head of school monitoring reports on policy compliance and follow up on partial and non-compliance. The board chair shall present an annual review of progress on partial and non-compliance policy items. (SY07-08:13; SY 13-14:60) (cf 4.4.6)

(Revised SY07-08:13; SY07-08:149; SY09-10:74)

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