General Expectations

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In our life together at CAJ we enter voluntarily into a kind of covenant. The terms of this covenant are these:

  • For students
    • Be responsible.
    • Promote a safe, healthy environment.
    • Be respectful.
    • Be appropriate.
  • For parents/guardians:
    • Know the rules and support our efforts to teach students to abide by them.
    • Attend PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and school programs/events.
    • Communicate with teachers about the nurture of your child.
    • Support our school by praying for us and volunteering your time for projects.
    • Be diligent in meeting your financial responsibilities to our school.
    • Know that you are responsible for your children’s behavior in situations away from school, and understand that continued public disregard for the school’s standards will result in administrative intervention and possible expulsion.
  • For staff:
    • Provide diligent, responsible, caring attention to the needs of each child — academic, spiritual, and social.
    • Provide regular communication to let you know how your child is doing, what's going on at school, and explanation and clarification of policies.
    • Be available to discuss your concerns. Pray for the students.