2012, May 15 Board of Councilors Minutes

CAJ Board of Councilors Meeting
May 15, 2012, 1:00 p.m.
Matsukawa Place, Higashi Kurume, Tokyo


Andrea Johnson led the board in devotions on Phil. 1:6.



  1. Melinda Balona (Member at Large)
  2. Michael Essenburg (Member at Large)
  3. Jay Haworth (ECC)
  4. Andrea Johnson (ECC)
  5. Lawrence Mutenda (Member at Large)
  6. Stephen Kunnecke (SEND)
  7. Jonathan Reasoner (SEND)
  8. Aileen Selander (TEAM)
  9. Daniel Sexton (OMS)
  10. Paul Shew (Member at Large)
  11. Lawrence Spalink (CRJM)
  12. Gregory Swenson (WorldVenture)


  1. Eline de Wilde, Acting Board of Directors Chair
  2. Brian Vander Haak, CAJ Headmaster

SY 11-12:30 Call to Order  

The meeting was called to order at 1:11 p.m. with 12 of the twelve (12/12) Councilors present. Eight members (2/3) are necessary to establish a quorum.

SY 11-12:31 Approval of Agenda  

MSC to approve the agenda of the May 15, 2012 Board of Councilors meeting. 

SY 11-12:32 Signers of the Minutes

MSC to designate Andrea Johnson and Jay Haworth, in addition to Board Of Councilors Chair Jonathan Reasoner, as signers for the minutes of the May 15, 2012 Board of Councilors meeting.

Board of Directors Report

The Acting Board Chair reported that the Board of Directors approved the audit, that CAJ is ahead of schedule on getting a 25% cash reserve, and that a key focus of the Board of Directors is revising policy, in light of the legal status change. She said that the headmaster provides a rich stream of information to the board.

SY 11-12:33 Accept Board of Directors Report

MSC to accept the Board of Directors report.


Stephen Kunnecke, needing to attend to an emergency, gave his proxy to Jonathan Reasoner.

Business Manager Report

Rick Seely (business manager) reviewed budgets for this school year and next school year, explained that the fiscal year now ends March 31 (instead of June 30) and that the school was able to increase cash reserves, and shared the audit report from Nagao Accountancy Corporation that includes statements regarding cash flow, activity, and financial position. He closed with an overview of the timeline for changing the school's legal status.

SY 11-12:34 Approval of the Audit

MSC to approve the Independent Auditor’s Report from the Nagao Accountancy Corporation for the year ended March 31, 2012.

SY 11-12:35 Change in Terminology to Act of Endowment

MSC to change '"statutory auditor" to "supervisor-auditor" in the English translation of proposed Act of Endowment.

SY 11-12:36 Proposed Act of Endowment: 21.2, Number of Board of Councilors

MSC that Board of Councilors be composed of 8 members of the Board of Directors (not including the headmaster) and 11 members of the Board of Councilors.

SY 11-12:37 Supplementary Provisions of Act of Endowment

MSC that the supplementary provisions section of the proposed Act of Endowment can have the date added and directors' names added without further approval.

SY 11-12:38 Start-up Committee Nominations Approval

MSC to approve the slate of nominees for the Christian Academy in Japan Start-up Committee:

  • Gaius Berg (for WorldVenture) 
  • Pauline Carlson (ECC) 
  • Eline de Wilde (Member at Large)
  • Misook Gho (CRJM) 
  • Louis Lau (for OMS)
  • Gerald May (TEAM) 
  • Kenichi Shinagawa (Member at Large) 
  • Steven Tarter (SEND) 
  • Brian Vander Haak (Headmaster) 

Headmaster's Report  

The headmaster invited the Councilors to attend senior comprehensives on June 5, graduation on June 8, and the board/staff dinner on June 12. He gave an overview of CAJ's annual report, redesigned web site, new staff, and efforts to use data more effectively. He then described how the school is working to help new students increase their biblical literacy.

SY 11-12:39 Accept Headmaster's Report

MSC to accept the headmaster's report with thanks.

Prayer for the School

Jay Haworth led in prayer for the school.

SY 11-12:40 Correction to SY 11-12:24 Board of Councilors Nominations

MSC that the title of this minute should have been "SY 11-12:24 Election of the Board of Directors."

Tentative Dates of Meetings for Next Year

Tentative dates for meetings for SY 2012-2013 will be:

  • September 27, 2012
  • March 19, 2013
  • May 28, 2013

Review of the May 15, 2012 Minutes

The board reviewed the May 15, 2012 minutes.

SY 11-12:41 Approval of the May 15, 2012 Minutes

MSC to approve the May 15, 2012 minutes, pending closing prayer and a minute for meeting adjournment.

Closing Prayer

Greg Swenson closed in prayer.

SY 11-12:42 Adjournment

MSC to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Essenburg
Board of Councilors Secretary 

Signatures: May 15, 2012 Christian Academy in Japan Board of Councilors Minutes Approved

_________________________________________ (seal)
Jonathan Reasoner
Board of Councilors Chair

_________________________________________ (seal)
Andrea Johnson
Board of Councilors Member 

_________________________________________ (seal)
Jay Haworth
Board of Councilors Member