2014, October 1 Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting
Seimei no Mori
October 1, 2014



  1. Gaius Berg (for WorldVenture)
  2. Pauline Carlson (ECC)
  3. Grace Fukuzawa (Chong Eun Lee) (Member at Large and Educator)
  4. Leenders, Johanna (Mieke Sasaki) (CRJM)
  5. Gerald May (TEAM)
  6. Kennichi Shinagawa (Member at Large)
  7. Karen Stoesz (SEND)
  8. Brian Vander Haak (Head of School)


  1. Suzanne Warren (OMS)


  1. Daniel Sexton (OMS)
  2. Sobi Abraham (Supervisor-Auditor)
  3. Taizo Morimoto (Supervisor-Auditor)


Devotions and prayer time done jointly with the Morrison Academy board prior to the respective board meetings.

A time of devotions was led by Kenichi Shinagawa.

SY 14-15:1 Call to order (Act of Endowment, Chapter 3, Articles 18.3, 18.8)

The meeting was called to order at 10:02 am.

SY 14-15:2 Approval of agenda (B

MSC to approve the agenda.

SY 14-15:3 Welcome and introduction of board members

Board members gave brief self-introductions

SY 14-15:4 Board Orientation

The Board Reviewed:

  • How board members should respond to problems brought to individual board members and proper conflict resolution.
  • How to read and interact with Head of School Monitoring Reports.
  • Review and brain storm regarding board governing styles and values.
  • Ends: Student Objectives. Discussion of how we determine if those objectives are being reached.

SY 14-15:5 Policy form correction B.4.1 (a)

Current Reading: Biblically-based values including integrity and truthfulness in all methods and practices. (SY 11-12:108)

Brian Vander Haak moved and Kennichi Shinagawa seconded that we remove the period at the end of the phrase to maintain parallel phrasing with other points in the End statement.

New reading: Biblically-based values including integrity and truthfulness in all methods and practices (SY 11-12:108)

SY 14-15:6 Adoption of new school mission statement.

Gauis Berg moved and Brian Vander Haak seconded that the school mission statement be changed to read: “Equipping students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.”

MSC unanimously as a first reading.

SY 14-15:7 Adoption of Article II of Constitution (Statement of Faith)

Recommended by Brian Vander Haak, seconded by Grace Fukuzawa that we adopt Article II of the Constitution (Statement of Faith) as presented by the ad-hoc committee.

MSC unanimously.

  • Proposed Article II (Japanese needs updating to changes made in May)

SY 14-15:8 Review of Policies B 3.4, 3.5; Read B 4.5, 4.6

The Board reviewed the following policies as part of the annual review:

  • B 3.4 Delegation to the Head of School
  • B 3.5 Monitoring of Head of School Performance
  • B 4.5 Board Members’ Code of Conduct
  • B 4.6 Board Members’ Individual Responsibilities

SY 14-15:9 Head of School Monitoring Report B2.1.1 B 2.2; 2.7.11

Kennichi Shinagawa recommended and Mieke Sasaki seconded that the board accept the Head of School monitoring report for October 2014.

MSC unanimously

SY 14-15:10 Head of School decision preparation report (B2.1.5)

Brian Vander Haak reported on the following:

  • Child protection
    • CAJ is engaging in an extended process of auditing its safety and child protection policies and practices. Case studies from other schools were presented and discussed.
  • Megumi Mission Archives privacy and potential issues discussed.
  • Institutionalizing Megumi Mission Archives giving consideration to B2.4.12? B2.6.8?
    • The board directed this discussion to be considered by the Governance and Policy Review Committee.

SY 14-15:11 Head of School incidental report

Brian Vander Haak reported on the following:

  • New support staff for board
  • New staff for this school year
  • Staffing projections for 2015-16
  • General report on enrollment (more detailed report to be given in November)
  • The administration is looking at the school climate
    • Spiritual climate discussion
    • This was one focus of the Leadership Team retreat.
    • Hospitality has been introduced as the theme for head of school meeting devotions 2014-15
  • School theme: The theme for SY 2014-15 is Rooted, Growing, Seeking
  • Work is continuing on the 65th anniversary celebration preparations.
  • Development and archive office suit: Megumi Mission Archive and offices.
  • Cezars Kitchen is the school’s contracted catering service beginning this school year.

SY 14-15:12 Discussion: board confidentiality.

Pauline emphasized to the board the need for confidentiality of all board discussions.

SY 14-15:13 Executive session (B4.

Reviewed the September 2, 2014 Head of School Search Committee minutes

SY 14-15:14 Governance and Policy review Committee minutes

Based on a recommendation from the Governance and Policy Review committee, the board directs the Finance and Audit committee to review B2.8.7 and develop a corresponding committee-related product under B4.8.2.

SY 14-15:15 Consent agenda (B 4.3.3)

Karen Stoesz moved, Kenichi Shinagawa seconded to approve the consent agenda

MSC unanimously.

  • 2014, May 20 Board of Directors Meeting
  • Executive action 5-20-14
  • Governance and Policy Review Minutes 9-16-14
  • August 2014 Financial Statement
  • July 2014 Financial Statement
  • June 2014 Financial Statement
  • May 2014 Financial Statement
  • April 2014 Financial Statement
  • March 2014 Financial Statement

SY 14-15:16 Board compliance with B 3.0 and 4.0 Overview

Review of our compliance with B 3.0 Board-Head of School Linkage and b 4.0 Governance Process. Determined that we are in compliance.

SY 14-15:17 Board housekeeping

Because of changes in the management of the cafeteria the board has decided to discontinue making cinnamon rolls at the CAJ Thrift Shop.

SY 14-15:18 Monthly review of board process – verbal (B 4.1.7)

SY 14-15:19 Closing prayer

Sobi Abraham closed the session in prayer.

SY 14-15:20 Adjournment

Karen Stoesz moved to adjorn the meeting, Brian Vander Haak seconded

MSC to adjourn at 3:55 pm

(Signing and putting seals on meeting minutes by Board of Directors (Act of Endowment: Chapter 3, #20.2) – will need to be done during the next board meeting.

_________________________________________ (seal)
Gerald May
Board Secretary

_________________________________________ (seal)
Pauline Carlson
Board Chair 

Chong Eun Lee (Grace Fukuzawa)
Board Member

Leenders, Johanna (Mieke Sasaki)
Board Member

Kenichi Shinagawa
Board Vice Chair

Karen Stoesz
Board Member

Brian Vander Haak
Board Member