2016, May 16 Board of Councilors Minutes

CAJ Gakkou Houjin Board of Councilors Meeting
16 May 2016, 8:45 a.m.
Matsukawa Place, Meeting Room
1-2-12 Shinkawa-cho, Higashi-Kurume-shi, Tokyo 203-0013

Current Board of Councilor Members: 19 (AE §25)


Councilors Present  

  1. Buchholtz, Grant
  2. Johnson, Paul
  3. May, Gerald
  4. Mutenda, Lawrence
  5. Leenders, Johanna
  6. Selander, Aileen
  7. Sexton, Daniel
  8. Shinagawa, Kenichi
  9. Stoesz, Karen
  10. Tada, Hiroaki
  11. Norton, Tom
  12. Winter, Jonathan

Councilors who submitted written Proxy

  1. Carlson, Pauline
  2. King, Dixie
  3. Shew, Paul Tsuchido
  4. Spalink, Lawrence
  5. Taylor, Ken


  1. Balona, Melinda (proxy submitted but received after meeting)
  2. Berg, Gaius

Ex-Officio & Observers



10 members needed for quorum.

Notation conventions in the minutes:

  1. Act of Endowment is quoted as AE §chapter.article (number).
  2. All motions were moved and seconded.

Opening Devotional and Prayer

Devotions were given by Councilor Gerald May, followed by a time of prayer.

SY 15-16:19 Call to Order and Establish Quorum

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, Kenichi Shinagawa, at 8:45 AM. Seventeen of the nineteen (17/19) Councilors were in attendance (including 5 by proxy). A majority (ten) is necessary to establish a quorum in accordance with AE §21.8.

SY 15-16:20 Election of the Meeting Chair

Motion to elect Gerald May to serve as meeting chair in accordance with AE §21.7 The motion passed.

SY 15-16:21 Election of the Secretary for the Meeting

Motion to elect Kenichi Shinagawa to serve as secretary for the meeting. The motion passed.

SY 15-16:22 Approval of the Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda as amended. The motion passed.

SY 15-16:23 Signers of the Minutes

Motion to designate Karen Stoesz and Grant Buchholtz, in addition to Board of Councilors Chair Gerald May, as signers for the minutes of the May 16, 2016 Board of Councilors meeting. Unanimously approved.

SY 15-16:24 Approval of Prior Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes of BOC meeting of March 14, 2016. The motion passed.

Discussion and Actions

SY 15-16:25 Review and Approval of 2015-2016 Fiscal Statement and Audit

Business Manager Rick Seely reported the Fiscal Statement for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, with operating revenue of ¥787,259,967 and operating expenses of ¥779,729,249. He also presented the Independent Auditor’s Report from Mr. Wada of Wada Certified Public Accountant Office for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, including explanations of balance sheet, profit and loss results and cash flow. The Fiscal Statement and Auditor’s Report were both accepted unanimously.

SY 15-16:26 Review and Approval of Overtime Pay Proposal

Business Manager Rick Seely presented the Overtime Pay Proposal to move from a fixed overtime pay rate to a rate based on individual base pay. The Overtime Pay Proposal was accepted unanimously.

SY 15-16:27 Capital Budget for 2016 Fiscal Year

Report by Business Manager, Rick Seely on capital budget proposal for 2016 fiscal year (April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017).
Motion to approve the capital budget of ¥78,000,000 as proposed.
The motion passed unanimously.

SY 15-16:28 Election of Board of Councilors for 2016 – 2018

This item was tabled until the next meeting.

SY 15-16:29 Election of Board of Directors for 2016-2018

This item was tabled until the next meeting.

SY 15-16:30 Approval of Supervisor – Auditors for 2016- 2018

At the March 14 BOC meeting, Sobi Abraham and Joel Peterson were approved as auditors and recommended to the Board of Directors (SY 15-16:11). However, the Board of Directors in accordance with AE §7 elected Sobi Abraham and John Winter as auditors to serve July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2018. Motion to approve Sobi Abraham and John Winter as auditors for the above term (AE §3.7) as elected by the BOD. This supersedes the previous action SY 15-16:11. The motion passed.

SY 15-16:31 Election of Councilor Officers for 2016-2017 SY

Lawrence Mutenda was nominated as the Chair of the Board of Councilors by Jonathan Winter and Grant Buchholtz seconded. Moved to elect Lawrence Mutenda as the Chair.
The motion passed.

Daniel Sexton was nominated as the Vice Chair of the Board of Councilors by Tom Norton and Grant Buchholtz seconded. Moved to elect Daniel Sexton as the Vice Chair.
The motion passed.

Paul Shew was nominated as the Secretary of the Board of Councilors by Lawrence Mutenda and Grant Buchholtz seconded. The election was tabled until the next meeting.

Aileen Selander was nominated as the alternative Secretary of the Board of Councilors by Grant Buchholtz and Jonathan Winter seconded. The election was tabled until the next meeting.

SY 15-16:32 Report from the Head of School

The Head of School Tom Norton reported about the current situations of CAJ.

SY 15-16:33 Date of Next Meetings

The next meeting of the Board of Councilors was set for 8:45 am on May 30th of 2016 at Matsukawa Place, Higashi Kurume, Tokyo.
Gerald May announced the Board of Councilors meeting dates for 2016-2017 SY as follows:
March 20th of 2017
May 15th of 2017

SY 15-16:34 Review and Approval of the Minutes

It was decided to review and approve the minutes of this meeting at the next meeting on May 30th of 2016.

SY 15-16:35 Closing Prayer

Paul Johnson, Jonathan Winter, Aileen Selander, and Kenichi Shinagawa prayed to close the meeting.

SY 15-16:36 Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:34pm.

Respectfully submitted with special thanks to Councilors Kenichi Shinagawa and Hiroaki Tada for taking notes during the meeting,

Paul Tsuchido Shew
Board of Councilors Secretary

Signatures: May 16, 2016 Christian Academy in Japan Board of Councilors Minutes Approved

_________________________________________ (seal)
Gerald May
Board of Councilors Chair

_________________________________________ (seal)
Karen Stoesz
Board of Councilors Member 

_________________________________________ (seal)
Grant Buchholtz
Board of Councilors Member