Act of Endowment, Chapter 8 Auxiliary Provisions

(Keeping of Documents and Accounting Ledger)

45 The Corporate Body must, besides the documents of Article 38 Paragraph 2, always keep the following documents and the accounting ledger at each office.

(1) The roster of Officers and Councilors and their resumes (SY19-20:27 BoC; SY19-20:87 BoD)

(2) The accounting ledger relating to income and expenditures and the supporting documents (SY19-20:27 BoC; SY19-20:87 BoD)

(3) Other documents and accounting ledgers required by the Corporate Body and the instituted School. (SY19-20:27 BoC; SY19-20:87 BoD)

46 Applications, reporting, and other procedures required by law regarding the management of the Corporate Body (including the instituted School) must be done promptly as the need arises.

(Method of Publication)

47 Public notices of the Corporate Body shall be made by presentation on the notice board of Gakkou Houjin Christian Academy In Japan.

(Detailed Regulations for Execution)

48 Detailed regulations regarding the execution of this Act of Endowment, and other items necessary for the management and operation of the Corporate Body and The School instituted by the Corporate Body shall be passed by a vote of the Board of Directors and specified elsewhere by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

SY19-20 amendments approved by the Governor of Tokyo, May 14, 2020

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