Advanced Placement

AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college-level courses taken by high school students worldwide.

  • AP courses provide students an opportunity to take classes with additional rigor and depth.
  • These classes have an increased workload (1+ hours of homework per day) and include an exam (usually in May), on which, if students do well enough, colleges may award credit.
    • Students are expected to be self-motivated and diligent.
    • Many of the courses have specific prerequisites and admission criteria.
    • AP information is available from the registrar
    • To be eligible for enrollment, students must:
      • have a cumulative GPA of 3.0,
      • have a grade of B or better in the subject area this year,
      • attend a meeting with the AP teacher to learn about the course,
      • have their parents sign a form indicating that they understand that AP classes involve a significant amount of work, and increased fees as well.
      • Exceptions to these criteria may be granted by the principal.
  • GPA Scale: For grades of C- or above in AP classes, 0.5 GPA point will be added (AP A = 4.5, AP B = 3.5, C = 2.5). see Grade Point Average
  • There is a ¥30,000 fee for AP classes that offsets (but does not completely cover) the cost of the test and AP materials.

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