Apparel and Gear

Students, teams or groups that wish to purchase custom and non-CAJ provided apparel (including t-shirts) or gear for their own group must follow this process.

  • Note: Items that are to be sold as a fundraiser must be approved by the divisional principal and the head of school. All fundraising must be approved separately.
  1. Students must first get written permission to purchase and distribute the item from the team coach or sponsor, and the divisional principal using this form: Apparel Approval Form.
    • The design must also be approved by the coach or sponsor, the athletic or fine arts director, the divisional principal, and the head of school.
    • The overall design must include CAJ branding in most cases: CAJ, Christian Academy in Japan, and/or Knights.
    • The purchase process should be discussed with the CAJ purchasing manager or CAJ business manager before proceeding.
    • In most cases the items should be ordered by CAJ and the families billed by the school. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the business manager.
  2. Students and parents must be contacted before the items are ordered, and provided the price, the design when possible, and clearly told that the purchase is voluntary.
    • There can be no pressure or expectation put on purchasing non-uniform or non-required gear or items.
    • Students and parents must indicate before the items are ordered that they are committed to the purchase by signing this form: Parent Permission to Purchase Form.
      • The student organizer(s) should fill out all information on the parent permission form except student name, parent signature, and dates.
      • It is ok to put the same information into an email and print parent responses that indicate they understand the type of item being purchased, the approximate cost, and that their account will be billed.
  3. Students will submit the signed purchase forms and complete the ordering process with the business office purchasing manager.