Bicycles and motorcycles

Please also refer to
Bicycle Safety (Click to view)

  • Bicycles must be used according to the laws of Japan.
  • Students are not allowed to drive motorized vehicles to campus including scooters, motorcycles and cars.
  • All bikes should be parked in the designated parking areas and should be kept locked.
    • All bikes must be identified with a CAJ sticker.
    • Bicycle stickers identifying CAJ community member’s bicycles are available at the business office.
  • To protect pedestrians, bikes should not be ridden on the campus outside the designated parking areas and should not be used during the school day. Bicycles are not to be used in the plaza area when school is in session or an event is taking place.
  • The playground is off-limits to bicycles and motorcycles at all times to protect the play surface.
  • All bicycles riders are urged to wear helmets when riding.
  • Bicycles are personal property and should not be borrowed without the owner’s permission.
  • See also Driving Policy for Students | Bicycle Safety