Academic departments and classroom:[edit]

  • Every department and K-5 classroom has a budget that has been approved for the school year.
  • To order something, approval is necessary.
  • After speaking to your department chair, please fill out a purchase order (found in the business or academic offices) and have it signed by your principal, who will send it to the business manager to process the order.
  • Always obtain your supervisors’ approval (department chair and principal) before ordering or buying anything that CAJ will pay for.
  • Remember that orders from abroad take at least one or two months to get here.

Process and posting (Business Manager):[edit]

  • All school expenditures are guided by annual operating and capital budgets approved by the board of directors and the board of councilors.
  • These budgets are prepared using input from staff members and submitted to administrators by department chairs.
  • The division leaders, head of school, and business manager review the requests, discuss them with department heads, and then compile the budget for presentation to the boards.
  • The head of school recommends a budget to the board for approval.
  • Budget fund balances are not carried over to the next school year.
  • The school's budget year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31.
  • The process of compiling a new budget begins in December and January.
  • Textbook orders are normally sent out by April 1 (see Textbooks and Supplies - Ordering Procedures).
  • The board approves the new budget in February.
  • The account books are closed on March 31 in preparation for an annual audit by a certified public accounting firm.
  • Monthly budget reports are posted in SOPHIE to keep everyone informed on the budget status.
  • Generally, invoices are paid in the budget year in which goods are received.

Capital Budget[edit]

Generally, items having a value of over ¥50,000 will be considered capital items for budget purposes.