Chapel Guidelines[edit]

At CAJ, chapel holds a special meaning because it is a time or worship and learning more about God and His Word. However, it is also an example of a public lecture with an audience, and there are certain behaviors society expects from an audience.

  • As an audience in a chapel service, there are many appropriate behaviors. It is appropriate to sing when led to do so, to stand or sit as directed, to listen actively and think carefully and critically. It is appropriate to laugh when the speaker says something funny and to clap when he or she is finished with the talk.
  • In any formal public speaking occasion, there are also inappropriate behaviors. These would include using electronic devices, doing homework, talking to others or sleeping. In a chapel, there are some behaviors that might not be considered inappropriate in other settings, but appear disrespectful in chapel. For example, it appears disrespectful when students choose to sit when others are standing during prayer or singing. This is not a comprehensive list of all disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors, but we expect students to follow normal rules of polite society.

All students attend chapel regularly. Chapel is designed to be a time of inspiration, worship, praise, teaching from God's Word, and promotion of spiritual growth. At least once a year, a special speaker is invited to interact with students during Spiritual Life Emphasis Week (SLEW), which includes a special chapel every day and discussions with the speaker during some classes when possible. Students are expected to respect all speakers and practice good audience behavior.

Elementary chapel[edit]

The elementary chapel coordinator sets the dates, books singing chapel leaders, puts in the on campus requests, etc.

  • Grades K-5 meet for chapel on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 8:30-9:00. Please watch the announcements for the week
  • Elementary also has a first day of school assembly and a closing assembly on the last day of school.
  • Elementary parents are welcome to attend chapel.

Secondary Chapel[edit]

The secondary chapel coordinator is responsible for middle and high school chapels.

  • All full-time secondary teachers and educational support staff are expected to attend.
  • Part time staff and others are also encouraged to attend.
  • Homeroom teachers may be asked to sit with their students in the assigned area for both chapels and assemblies to help students learn about appropriate behavior for these kinds of activities.