Communication With Parents

*CAJ desires to have a close working relationship with parents. Having the ability to check your email and our website is necessary for ongoing communication with CAJ. Email and the website are our primary methods of contact for general information, grades, and announcements about disruptions to our program (closures and delayed openings). Closures and delayed openings are also available as messages on our phone answering system. An internet connection and computer access is also necessary for students to complete homework, practice keyboarding, and be in communication with the school and their teachers.

  • In addition to report cards, progress reports, and parent-teacher conferences, we have the following avenues for communication: CAJ Website (includes access to Calendars, announcements, handbooks, the password protected family directory, and grades in the MS and HS), a PTA Back-to School Event in September, division specific newsletters (weekly classroom newsletters in elementary division) and a combined annual Chronicle and Alumni News publication. Parents are asked to inform the school of any email changes and make necessary updates in order to receive all important information from the school.
  • To keep parents informed of daily classroom work, an assignment notebook (the Agenda) is given to each student in MS and ES. Many teachers give time at the end of classes to record assignments, and students are expected to take their agendas home each night. Each teacher in MS and HS also publishes an iCal with important due dates that parents and students can subscribe to by going to
  • CAJ encourages teachers to be in regular contact with parents, and asks that parents communicate concerns or questions to teachers in a timely manner. Please phone the school during the school day or send a note or email. Teachers are not called out of class to take telephone calls; a message can be left on our automatic message service.
  • CAJ asks that parents make an appointment in order to discuss an important issue with a teacher or principal. Important matters should not be raised in impromptu settings such as school hallways, co-curricular events, or workshop services.
  • If a question or concern is not resolved, please contact the principal.