Communication and Support to the Board B 2.1


Section 2 Executive Limitations

2.1 Communication and Support to the Board

The head of school shall not permit the board to be uninformed or unsupported in its work.

Accordingly, the head of school shall not fail to:

2.1.1 Submit monitoring data required by the board (see Division B, 3.5: Monitoring Head of School Performance) in a timely, accurate, and understandable fashion, directly addressing provisions of board policies being monitored. (SY 12-13:218) Have the Leadership Team read and verify monitoring reports based on their experience and perspective before they are approved by the board. (SY 11-12:187)

2.1.2 Let the board be aware of, in a timely, accurate and understandable fashion, relevant trends, anticipated adverse media coverage, anticipated legal action, governmental investigations and audits, material external and internal changes, particularly changes in the assumptions upon which any board policy has been previously established. (SY 09-10:7; SY 13-14:120)

2.1.3 Advise the board if, in the head of school’s opinion, the board is not in compliance with its own policies on board/head of school linkage, particularly in the case of board behavior that is detrimental to the work relationship between the board and the head of school.

2.1.4 Marshal for the board as many staff and external points of view, issues, and options as needed for fully informed board choices. Conduct a survey to elicit feedback on school performance. The results are to be shared with the head of school evaluation committee to be considered as part of the head of school evaluation. (SY 05-06:118; SY 08-09:7; SY 10-11:77)

2.1.5 Present information in a form that is easily understandable, concise, and that differentiates among information of three types: monitoring, decision preparation, and incidental.

2.1.6 Provide a mechanism for official board, officer, or committee communications.

2.1.7 Deal with the board as a whole, except when fulfilling individual requests for information, or responding to officers and committees duly charged by the board.

2.1.8 Report in a timely manner an actual or anticipated noncompliance with any policy of the board.

2.1.9 Supply for the consent agenda all items delegated to the head of school yet required by law or contract to be board-approved, along with the monitoring assurance pertaining thereto.

2.1.10 Perform additional duties as assigned by the board. (SY 05-06: 172)

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