December 12, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting
Business Office Conference Room
December 12, 2017


  1. Gerald May (TEAM)
  2. Kenichi Shinagawa (Member at Large and Educator)
  3. Johanna Leenders (Mieke Sasaski)(CRJM)
  4. Jon Winter(SEND)
  5. Jaine Yeong Yueh Chung (Jaine Loh) (World Venture)
  6. Daniel Sexton (OMS)
  7. Joel Peterson (Member at Large)
  8. Anda Foxwell (Head of School)


  1. Sobi Abraham
  2. Carol Love


Grant Buchholtz (ECC)
Kenichi Shinagawa (Member at Large and Educator)

SY 17-18: 50 Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm.

SY 17-18: 51 Agenda approval

MSC to approve the agenda

SY 17-18: 52

Opening prayer: Daniel Sexton

SY 17-18: 53 Strategic plan 2nd reading

MSC to approve the Strategic Plan as a second reading

SY 17-18: 54 Monitoring report by Anda Foxwell

  • Core values accepted by the admin
  • In the next 3 months each devision will discuss one value a month
  • Rick Seely has given his resignation
  • Stephanie Ban moves to South Africa but will keep on working online with CAJ.

SY 17-18: 55 Building project report by Joel Peterson

  • We have two architects to work with
  • Initial plan will be presented at the end of February
  • We need a proposal for the BOD?BOC members to accept
  • Building plan discussion for January is needed

SY 17-18: 56 Closing prayer

Mieke Sasaki closed in prayer

SY 17-18: 57 Adjournment

MSC to adjourn at 3:56pm