Donors, Donations, Fund-raising, and Promotion B 2.10


Section 2 Executive Limitations

2.10 Donors, Donations, Fund-raising, and Promotion

The head of school shall not allow fund-raising or promotion that is unbiblical, unethical, insufficient to meet the pre-agreed needs, or not aligned with accomplishing the ends of Christian Academy in Japan.

Accordingly, the head of school shall not:

2.10.1 Accept government funds that require the school to deviate from the mission of the school.

2.10.2 Accept funds from an organization or individual(s) known to be in direct conflict with basic biblical principles or Christian values, or that require that the school make changes that are unacceptable or impractical.

2.10.3 Accept gifts of real estate, buildings, or appreciated stock, without first assessing the appropriateness of the gift.

2.10.4 Put pressure on any student, parent, or staff member to participate in, or to give a donation in response to fund-raising.

2.10.5 Allow the school to offer products or services for sale that are not of good quality or do not offer an honest value for the cost assigned to them.

2.10.6 Use donations for purposes other than that for which they were solicited. If excess funds are obtained, they may be used for other projects only with the consent of those donors whose funds are being used.

2.10.7 Fail to thank donors in a timely manner and communicate to them the importance of their donation.

2.10.8 Fail to insure that all fund-raising activities are well-coordinated, in order to guarantee their effectiveness and to insure that families do not feel overburdened.

2.10.9 Allow donor funds to be mixed or congregated into one account when separate accounts are necessary for tracking and accountability.

2.10.10 Allow any standing fund-raising club or organization under the auspices of the school to operate without written guidelines approved by the head of school.

2.10.11 Fail to maintain a fundraising plan, assessed annually, which includes clearly articulated goals. (cf. 2.4.3) (SY 08-09:12; SY 11-12:17; SY 11-12:39)

2.10.12 Fail to inform direct-hire staff of the availability of JCAA-qualified fundraiser status, provide tools and training for them to raise support, or provide promotional materials for all CAJ staff raising support.

(SY 05-06:119; SY 08-09:12; SY10-11:202; SY 11-12:18)

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