Food Services, Cafeteria

CAJ contracts with Cezars Kitchen to run our lunch program and provide food services for events.


In 2014 our kitchen received a major equipment upgrade, allowing Cezars Kitchen to provide variety and low cost options to families.

  • We are pleased to provide daily fresh baked goods from scratch from our new bakery oven.
  • Various snacks, including onigiri, muffins and sandwiches are made fresh each day.
  • A wide variety of vegetables are offered as side dishes a la carte and as part of our set meals.
  • Noodles are available every day to middle and high school students.


  • A la carte plate lunches are available in small and large sizes for ¥300 and ¥450 each.
  • Noodles have proved to be very popular at ¥450.
  • Set lunches include a main dish plus three side dishes for ¥500 and ¥650 respectively for small and large sets.
  • Drinks and ice cream are available for ¥100 each.


CAJ will continue to charge families for cafeteria usage. Charges are added to your account each month for purchases made.


  • For billing questions contact the CAJ business office
  • To contact Cezars at CAJ: