Head of School Succession B 2.5


Section 2 Executive Limitations

2.5 Head of School Succession

In order to protect the board from sudden loss of head of school services, the head of school shall not fail to designate and inform the board of several individuals who will be familiar with board and school administrative issues and procedures.

Accordingly, the head of school shall not fail to:

2.5.1 Appoint and maintain a Leadership Team comprised of key staff that meets regularly to assist the head of school in pursuing the mission of CAJ. (SY 11-12:184) Keep the Leadership Team current with administrative issues and procedures so as to be able to replace the head of school in emergency situations. (SY 07-08:147; SY 11-12:185) Report on the membership and activities of the Leadership Team annually or any time its membership changes. (SY 11-12:186)

2.5.2 Appoint an acting head of school during absences of up to two weeks, nor to inform the board of the appointment.

2.5.3 Seek board approval for the appointment of an acting head of school during absences of more than two weeks.

2.5.4 Inform the board at least one full contract year in advance of his/her intention to leave the position of head of school, unless due to illness or family emergency, in order that there be time to search for a replacement.

2.5.5 Make available to the board funds as requested for head of school search expenses. (SY 07-08:144, SY 14-15:124)

(SY 05-06: 90)

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