Lettering in a sport or fine arts activity is both an award and an honor. It is an award because the student must meet certain requirements in order to receive it. It is an honor because it is bestowed upon the student by an advisor or coach. Neither awards nor honors are given upon demand. Students need to understand that no system is perfect and that bestowing letters is ultimately a subjective act. The goal in giving letters is to recognize diligence and excellence.


General Requirements: To receive a JV pin or Varsity letter or pin in any sport, athletes must: Maintain eligibility for the entire season Maintain 100% attendance at all practices and games unless excused by the coach Demonstrate the motivation, positive attitude, effort and coachability appropriate with being a member of a team Meet requirements of the individual sport or be recommended by the coach to receive a letter. Specific requirements for individual sports can be found in the athletic handbook.

Fine Arts Lettering[edit]

Music, drama (including light & sound/speech/debate/liturgical dance, visual arts, literary arts. To receive a letter in any fine art, students must Maintain eligibility Maintain 100% attendance at all practices and events unless excused by the supervisor Exhibit effort, motivation, and a positive attitude Meet the requirements of the individual category or be recommended by the supervisor Specific requirements for individual fine arts activities are listed on the application form which is available on the CAJ website (see caj.or.jp/....) The application process begins in May of each year.

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