Lockers and property

*Lockers and other property (personal and school) A fundamental principle for our life together is respect for each other, which includes each other's property. We expect that everyone who shares the use of school facilities will help to take good care of them as part of our desire to be good stewards of the resources God has given us to use. Those who are disrespectful will make restitution with their time and their yen. There is no insurance to pay for personal or school property that is abused.

  • CAJ provides storage space for every student for personal items.
  • Students in Grades 6-12 are assigned school and PE lockers, and combination locks are provided for security. Students are expected to keep their lockers locked at all times. High School students see also: Locks
  • All lockers and school desks are school property loaned to students. Principals may inspect lockers and desks at any time.
  • Damage to lockers (which includes anything students stick on that won't come off) will be repaired and students billed for the cost.
  • Unfortunately, occasionally a member of our community does not respect the property of others. Don't leave money or things of value where others may take them. If you must take something valuable to school, ask a teacher or someone in the office to keep it for you until you need it. Report suspected thefts immediately to the academic office.
  • P.E. lockers, which are especially vulnerable to theft, must be locked at all times (except, obviously, when you are placing or removing items). PE lockers that are left unlocked will be secured by a second padlock and you will have to:
  1. retrieve your padlock from your principal, #ask the PE teachers to let you into your locker, and
  2. you will be required to miss the next PE class or athletic practice (you will be allowed to play in a game if it is the next day).