March 20, 2018

CAJ Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Matsukawa Place
Tuesday, March 20, 2018


  1. Gerald May (TEAM)
  2. Kenichi Shinagawa (Member at Large and Educator)
  3. Jon Winter (SEND)
  4. Jaine Yeong Yueh Chung (Jaine Loh) (World Venture)
  5. Daniel Sexton (OMS)
  6. Joel Peterson (Member at Large)
  7. Anda Foxwell (Head of School)
  8. Grant Buchholtz (ECC)


  1. Carol Love
  2. Sobi Abraham


  1. Johanna Leenders(Mieke Sasaki)(CRJM)

SY 17-18:83 Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 am.

SY 17-18:84 Opening prayer and Devotions

Sobi Abraham lead the board in a time of devotions.

SY 17-18:85 Approval of agenda (B

MSC to approve the agenda as amended.

SY 17-18:86 Consent agenda (B 4.3.3)

January 16, 2018 Board of Directors minutes (B
February 06, 2018 Finance Committee minutes (B
February 13, 2018 Board/Leadership Team Retreat Minutes (B
Head of School Monitoring Report B2.1; Ends - B1.3 (B2.1.1, 3,5,2,1)
Board Ends review: B 1.4(Staff) & B 1.5 (Finance) (B 4.1.5, 4.3 Overview)
Board policy review: B 4.2 (B 4.1.6)
Board compliance: B 3.1; (B 4.1.4, 4.1.6)
MSC to approve consent agenda as presented.

SY 17-18:87 Finance and Audit Committee report (B 4.8.2)

March 06, 2018 Finance Committee minutes were presented by Daniel Sexton
MSC to approve the Finance and Audit Committee report

SY 17-18:88 Review of compensation table (B 2.9.1)

MSC to approve the compensation table without changes from the previous year

SY 17-18:89 Review of tuition increase (B 2.6.2)

MSC to approve tuition increases for the 2018-19 school year ranging from 1.65% to 2.92%.
(See Chart in appendix)

SY 17-18:90 Review of budget (B 2.6.1)(B 2.6.3)(B

Discussed the opportunities of improving the school’s financial situation by more actively recruiting students and focus on areas for expense savings.
MSC to approve 2018 fiscal year budget in accordance with Act of Endowment §4.23(1), as proposed with revenue of ¥797,131,000 and expenses of ¥859,292,000.

SY 17-18:91 Review of capital budget (B 2.6.1)

MSC to approve the 2018 fiscal year capital budget in accordance with Act of Endowment §4.23(1), as proposed of ¥65,000,000.

SY 17-18:92 Head of School report

Anda Foxwell reported as the Head of School focusing on the following topics:

  • Child protection and safety
  • Staffing update
  • WASC Self Study: Action plan
  • Current developments
  • Strategic plan 2018-2020

MSC to accept the March 2018 Head of School report

SY 17-18:93 Head of School monitoring report B 2.1, End – B 1.3 (program)

Anda Foxwell briefly presented highlights from the monitoring report
This report was previously approved within the consent agenda

SY 17-18:94 Classroom Quota proposal (B

Discussed potential impact of the following proposal on school culture and how Bible is taught in the early grades
An administration’s proposal was discussed with the goal of determining at the end of the trial period whether to retain or change current policy.
MSC to allow a temporary exception to policy such that:

Beginning from school year 2018 ~ 2019, for Kindergarten through grade 2, the board will allow up to 6 students from non-Christian homes per grade level or 50% of the total, whichever is fewer. After 3 years, in the Fall of 2021, the board and administration will evaluate this change to assess the impact on school culture. There will also be an annual review reported to the board by the administration. To balance the potential increase in non-Christian homes, the administration will also initiate a Parent Covenant to help inform parents of the sort of involvement and behavior the school expects from parents. This coincides with training and emphasis for all teachers in biblical integration in all classes.

SY 17-18:95 Governance and Policy Review Committee (B 4.8.1)

Kenichi Shinagawa gave a verbal report on committee activities
Discussed nominations for the BOD, BOC, Members-at-large and Supervisor-auditors
Request to all BOD members to consider and nominate those in their personal networks who may be able to serve as a BOD, BOC, Members-at-large and Supervisor-auditors
Discussed adding to the role of Supervisor-auditors, to join in the BOC meetings, this topic to be added to the agenda of the next Governance and Policy Review Committee. Need to invite Tada-san in on this discussion as well. Ultimately this is the decision of the BOC.

SY 17-18:96 Election of Board Members for 2018 – 2020 term  (B 4.2.7)

Agreed to table and move to final elections to the May meeting

SY 17-18:97 Head of School Evaluation Committee discussion(B 4.8.4)

Appointed BOD leadership committee to prepare this evaluation report to share at the May 15th BOD meeting

SY 17-18:98 Building Project Phase I

BOD and BOC need to approve the fact that a fundraising project is being done and the scope of amount that is being sought for in this fundraising.
BOD and BOC need to approve any loans related to this project
Report by Joel Peterson regarding the Building Project Phase I and proposed new construction for cafeteria and flexible gym space designed by Raymond Architects and Engineers.
MSC to approve the start of Building Project Phase I that includes renovations and a new building for cafeteria and multi-purpose sports space, with a budget cap of ¥550,000,000.

SY 17-18:99 Putting old minutes on BRENDA - status

Agreed to table and Gerald to discuss with Anda

SY 17-18:100 Annual agenda preparation for SY 18-19 (B 4.3.1, 4.3.2,

Governance and Policy Review Committee to discuss:
The head of school monitoring reports, focusing on the timing of specific topics covered in the current reports to be better aligned these topics with the school year events and availability of data
The needs review the “board ends” next year

SY 17-18:101 SY 17-18:101 Inviting new board members to May board meeting

MSC to approve

SY 17-18:102 Monthly review of board process

Verbally reviewed today’s meeting process.

SY 17-18:103 Approval of Tada-san

Those elected by the Board of Councilors from among Corporate Body staff members recommended by the Board of Directors:

  • MSC to approve Tada Hiroaki (Staff Person) to serve on the Board of Councilors for the term July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

SY 17-18:104 Time of prayer for CAJ

Seniors on Thailand trip
Interviews of new potential students

SY 17-18:105 Adjournment

  • MSC to adjourn at 2:20pm.