Movie and video usage

It is a reasonable teaching practice to use part or all of a video in a class. However, because our school serves a wide range of students and families whose convictions differ, and because there is a wide range of views within our community on what is appropriate, CAJ recognizes that not all videos are acceptable for every student or family. Therefore, we are guided by the following:

  • CAJ uses all or part of movies and videos in class to teach rather than to entertain.
  • Any movie, video or segment used in class needs to be approved by the principal.
  • The ultimate responsibility for what a student views rests with the student and the parents. Students will be notified in advance of a full length movie being shown. If a student or parents object to a particular movie, they may request an alternate assignment.
  • Concerns about the appropriateness of videos used in the classroom should be brought to the attention of the principal.

Purpose: Teachers use movies which:

  • Support the goals of CAJ’s statement of philosophy and purpose
  • Enrich or support a particular area of the school curriculum
  • Stimulate growth in factual knowledge, subject area appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical, moral, and biblical convictions
  • Are from both Christian and secular perspectives in order to challenge students’ minds and spirits, to develop and nurture them, to better equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ, and to respond to the issues of their lives

Movies proposed as entertainment at optional student events will be carefully evaluated; approval will be given by the principal.