October 2, 2017

Christian Academy in Japan
BoD committee Meeting
Phnom Penh
October 2, 2017


  1. Gerald May (TEAM)
  2. Johanna Leenders (Mieke Sasaski)(CRJM)
  3. Jon Winter (SEND)
  4. Jaine Yeong Yueh Chung (Jaine Loh) (World Venture)
  5. Daniel Sexton (OMS)
  6. Joel Peterson (Member at Large)
  7. Anda Foxwell (Head of School)


  1. Sobi Abraham
  2. Carol Love


  1. Grant Buchholtz (ECC)
  2. Kenichi Shinagawa (Member at Large and Educator)

SY 17-18:17 Call to order at 9:00 am

  • Gerald shared about psalm 1.

SY 17-18:18 Time of Prayer for CAJ (B4.6.7)

for SWOW, health of each of the participants, students learn to serve naturally, Winnie’s brother diagnosed with cancer, Nash’s mother passed away, Ryan’s foot, cross country HS boys, fellow board members conference, speaker Dave Bartlett

SY 17-18: 19Approval of agenda (B

MSC approved

SY 17-18: 20 Finance and Audit Committee report

  • Consider committee recommendation regarding Tuition program
  • Review of pre-approved mission tuition :
a) overseas missionary will be considered to be in this category
b) rather than status, income determines if someone fits this category
  • As a board we confirm the finance committee’s position that no chance should be made.
MSC approved .
  • note committee minutes of September 11, 2017

Tabled for next BoD meeting.

SY 17-18: 21 Head of School Monitoring Report (B 2.1.5)

  • Review Monitoring report content

- Partial appliance: According to 2.2.10 the files of Damon Ealey and Jackie Wilson should have been brought to the board. Anda Foxwell gave an oral presentation about their files.

- Monitoring reports are reported according to the annual agenda

- Intent of staff and returning staff members report will come out by the next BoD meeting

  • Training for review / online review proposal
  • Overview and discussion of “Assessing a monitoring report” pamflet.
  • We discussed Anda Foxwell’s monitoring report using this pamphlet.
  • We should look at the reports ahead of time and make comments online.
  • Question by Anda: Sometimes there are things happening from day-to-day that she would like to share about, but there are no policies in which they fit.
  • We must be aware that we need to have a balance of “checking of boxes” and issues that are happening outside of the policies we already have.
  • Why board self-evaluation:

-evaluation with an eye to how we can do it better.
-ongoing policy review
-be aware of our own responsibility -training on how to use the “Monitoring Report Assessment” worksheet to be done online on Google sheets.

SY 17-18: 22 Temperature Check – Head of School general report

- Come up with a building steering committee (Rick Seely, Anda Foxwell, David Marshall, Steve Wilson, a board representative) to make a choice on time schedule and architect choice.
- Election of board representative for the building committee:Joel Peterson
MSC approved.
- Phases of the plan should come out of the strategic plan. This plan would depend on usage as well as on which level of education (ES-MS or HS) would use it.
- fun-raiser activities for parents in order to activate their involvement (Nov 3).
- Focus groups identifying growth for each group to be finished by December.
- Damon Ealey and Joel Peterson are working together on the strategic plan.
- The LT team is looking at a joined ACSI and WASC accreditation in the future.

SY 17-18: 23 Consent agenda (B 4.3.3)

  • Board of Directors Meeting, September 19, 2017

Tabled for next BoD meeting.

SY 17-18: 24 Core Value Discussion

  • Review Draft Proposal (Jon Winter)

God is the author of all truth (John 14:6) (John 8:32)

  • God is Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer and Restorer of His world (Col 1:15-17)
  • In Him is all knowledge (Colossians 2:3)
  • God’s unified truth in His Word (John 17:17) and in His world (Romans 1:19-20)
is the lens through which we view education

God created humans in His image (Gen. 1:27)

  • Each individual has intrinsic value and is worthy of respect (Acts 17:29; Deut.


  • Each individual has unique gifts needing to be developed (1 Cor. 12)

God created humans for community (Acts 2:42 - 47)

  • Community reflects God's triune nature and is best expressed in a relationship

with Him through Christ and with others (Gen. 1: 26-28)(1John 4:9-12)

  • Community requires service (1 Pet. 4:7-10)
  • Community extends beyond our local boundaries (Is. 12:4; Matt. 28:19)
  • Community resources require wise stewardship (Col. 3: 23-24; Matt. 25:21)

MSC first reading approved

SY 17-18: 25 Strategic Planning

  • Review Draft Proposal (Joel Peterson)

Joel Peterson will send us a compiled copy of the newly discussed report. We will meet on Oct 5,2017 in Phnom Penh.)

  • Review LT Proposal of Planning Committee Members

Tabled for next BoD meeting.

SY 17-18: 26 Preparation for Joint Retreat interaction

  • Consider seminar topics

Tabled for next meeting.
Are we changing from policy governance to community governance?

  • What are our desired out-takes?
  • Ask David Barltett:

a) How policy governance and community governance different?
b) Can we use both governance styles together?

SY 17-18: 27 Monthly review of board process – verbal (B 4.1.7)

Tabled for next BoD meeting

SY 17-18: 28 Adjournment

MSC: the meeting was adjourned at 3:40pm