One-to-One Laptop Program

CAJ strives to provide a rich resource of technology for the use of our students and faculty. To facilitate learning, each student in grades 10, 11, & 12 will receive a laptop from CAJ to use for their school work that can be taken home, and 9th graders have access to a laptop that they can check out for use during the day.

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Acceptable Use and Care[edit]

  • Students are expected to follow the Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy at all times, both on and off campus.
  • Students (or families) will be responsible for a ¥5,000 deductible for any charges associated with repair of the student laptop.
    • Irresponsible damage and destruction of a student laptop will be brought to the principal and school leadership for consideration in line with our vandalism and restitution policies.
  • The school will supply a laptop slip case for each CAJ 1:1 laptop. Students are encouraged (though not required) to use the slip cover on a daily basis. However, please try to use the covers as this will keep the computer looking nice over its life.

KnightWaves Wireless Network[edit]

  • Christian Academy in Japan has two wireless networks: KnightGuest and KnightWaves.
  • The KnightWaves network is the wireless network is for student use. It enables students to access the school servers and printers.
  • Students are not to use the KnightGuest network.


  • In accordance with the Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy, authorized staff will access personal accounts (including data on the server and the computer) and monitor usage when deemed necessary.
  • Computers are monitored using the Apple Remote Desktop software and other applications.
  • The purpose of monitoring is to ensure that students are on task in class and not using their computers inappropriately.
  • Monitoring can only be done while on campus and connected to the CAJ network.


  • Accidents will happen, and data may be lost. It is very important to backup your data in case of emergency.
  • Student laptops are set to sync their documents with Google Drive. While this does keep one backup of your files, it should not be looked upon as a complete solution. Archives of pervious versions of files are not kept.
  • A good guideline to follow is the "3-2-1 rule" for backups. You will also want to pay attention to the amount of archives of a certain file is kept by your backup program.

Service and Support[edit]

Software Issues[edit]

  • Any software problems should be brought to the attention of technology staff. Technology staff are available in the computer lab and the technology office.
  • If software problems on the student's laptop reach a point where it would take too much time to fix (longer than 10 minutes), technology staff will resort to erasing the hard drive. In this case, the technology team will take the following steps:
    1. Make one last backup of important files if possible.
    2. Restore the hard drive to its original state.
    3. Replace the files back on the hard drive (from the backup in step 1, or the last backup that was made).
    4. Note that any personally installed applications will need to be re-installed.


  • Any hardware problems should be brought to the attention of technology staff. Technology staff are available in the computer lab and the technology office.
  • If hardware problems necessitate outside repair, technology staff will take responsibility for the repair and loan a computer to the student until his/her computer is returned. If a repair is not covered by Apple warranty a ¥5000 deductible will be charged to the student's family account.

Please contact Dan Rudd or Nate Rudd if you have any questions.