Overview B 3


Section 3 Board-Head of School Linkage


OVERVIEW OF SECTION 3: Board-Head of School Linkage

The board’s sole control of the operational organization, its achievements, and conduct will be through a titled head of school.

3.1 On behalf of the board, the head of school is responsible to advance the school's mission by implementing the school philosophy and board policies, thus promoting student learning and equipping students to impact the world for Christ.

3.2 Only decisions of the board, acting as a body by majority vote, are binding on the head of school.

3.3 The head of school is the board’s only link to operational achievement and conduct, so that all authority and accountability of staff, as far as the board is concerned, is considered the authority and accountability of the head of school.

3.4 The board will instruct the head of school through written policies that prescribe the organizational ends to be achieved, and describe organizational situations and actions to be avoided, allowing the head of school to use any reasonable interpretation of these policies.

3.5 Systematic and rigorous monitoring of head of school job performance will be against the expected head of school job outputs: organizational accomplishment of board policies on ends and organizational operation within the boundaries established in board policies on executive limitations.

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