Overview B 4


Section 4 Governance Process


OVERVIEW OF SECTION 4: Governance Process

The purpose of the Christian Academy in Japan board, on behalf of God and the evangelical missionary community in Japan, is to assure that Christian Academy in Japan achieves appropriate results for appropriate persons at an appropriate cost, and avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

4.1 The Christian Academy in Japan board shall govern with an emphasis on

(a) Biblically-based values including integrity and truthfulness in all methods and practices. (SY 11-12:108)
(b) Outward vision
(c) Strategic leadership
(d) Clear distinction of board and head of school roles
(e) Collective decisions
(f) The future
(g) A proactive approach

4.2 The job of the Christian Academy in Japan board, in accordance to God's call and on behalf of the evangelical missionary community in Japan, is to determine, require, and monitor appropriate organizational performance. (SY 12-13:191)

4.3 To do its job effectively, the board will follow an annual agenda that completes a re-exploration of ends policies annually and continually improves board performance through board education and reflection.

4.4 The board chair assures the integrity of the board’s process and, secondarily, occasionally represents the board in public or official situations and communications.

4.5 The board commits itself and its members to biblical, ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as board members.

4.6 The board commits itself to the individual and collective participation of its members to insure leadership success.

4.7 Board committees, when used, will be assigned so as to reinforce the wholeness of the board’s job and so as never to interfere with delegation from board to head of school.

4.8 A committee is a board committee only if its existence and charge come from the board, regardless of whether board members sit on the committee.

4.9 In accordance with Chapter 3 of the Act of Endowment, the board aims to maintain a size of 9 elected members and two supervisor-auditors. The board governance committee will orient founding missions to elicit appropriate nominations for board consideration to fill vacancies on the board. (SY 10-11:19; SY 10-11:159; SY 13-14:25; SY 13-14:65)

4.10 The board will invest appropriate resources to enhance its ability to govern with excellence.

4.11 The board shall have a written policy on the handling of grievances, whistle-blowing, and complaints.

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