Reading List, Middle School

Grade 6 Summer Reading and Guidelines[edit]

The rising 6th graders are required to read at least 3 books for the summer reading assignment.


  • 1 Fiction book from the MS section of the library
    • Task: Brochure
  • 1 Non-fiction book from the MS section of the library
    • Task: Book Report
  • 1 Free Choice - written in English at your own reading level but does not have to be from the library

Grade 7 Summer Reading and Guidelines[edit]

The rising 7th graders are required to read at least 3 books for the summer reading assignment.


  • 1 Fiction book from the MS section of the library
    • Task: Brochure
  • 1 Non-fiction book from the MS section of the library
    • Task: Book Report
  • 1 Free Choice - written in English at your own reading level but does not have to be from the library

Please complete the google survey for ALL the books you finish this summer!

Class Goal = 200 Books!

Grade 8 Summer Reading and Guidelines[edit]

8th Grade students: You must read 3 books as described below. Notice how you should submit each one:

1) ONE book from the 8th grade Summer GOR List

  • Choose one question to answer in 2-3 paragraphs:
    • Describe how the theme of Taking a Stand is seen in one of the characters.
    • Describe how South East Asian history is a necessary part of the main plot.
    • Explain your expectations at the beginning of the book and how/why you were satisfied or disappointed at the end.
  • Go to Google Classroom and open the Class of 2024 (Summer Reading) classroom. Use this code to enter: b87cwy9. Use the attached document in that classroom to type your paragraphs for the first summer reading book you chose.

2) ONE book from the Bible, Math, Science, Social Studies Content List

  • To complete the Summer Reading #2 Content Book form:
  1. Create an A4 size electronic document similar to: this template.
  2. Fill in the title and author of the book.
  3. Choose the number of stars that shows your opinion of the book (5=beyond my expectations-WOW! 4=excellent, 3=good, 2=OK), and put that number in the star.
  4. In the “Let Me Recommend...” box, write 4-5 sentences why you would recommend this book to other 8th grade students.
  5. Take a picture of you holding the book and insert it in the photo position like the template.
  6. Fill in your first and last name at the bottom.
  7. Print your A4 size color document.
  • SUBMIT this by bringing it to class during the first week of school.

3) ONE book of your choice, written in English at your own reading level, on or off the 8th grade Summer Reading List

  • Complete the Summer Reading #3 Choice Book ticket by completing these:
    • Fill in your first and last name.
    • Fill in the title of the book and the author’s name.
    • Ask your parent to sign after you finish reading the book.
  • SUBMIT this by bringing it to class during the first week of school.

Guided Outside Reading List[edit]

"*" Indicates title available in audio format

Author Title Call Number
Abeel, Samantha My 13th Winter M B ABE
Alifirenka, Caitlin I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two LIves M 305.235 ALI
Avi Nothing but the Truth M F AVI
Avi Seer of Shadows M F AVI
Avi The Traitor’s Gate M F AVI
Balliett, Blue *Chasing Vermeer J F BAL



Balliett, Blue *The Wright 3 J F BAL


Balliett, Blue The Calder Game M F BAL
Balliett, Blue Pieces and Players On Order
Barnhill, Kelly The Girl Who Drank the Moon M F BAR
Baskin, Nora Anything but Typical M F BAS
Bauer, Joan *Hope was Here, Close to Famous, Stand Tall M F BAU


Blackwood, Gary Curiosity M F BLA
Bond, Gwenda Lois Lane Fallout H F BON
Boyne, John The Boy at the Top of the Mountain (2017 Sakura book) M F BOY
Bradford, Chris Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword M F BRA v.2
Calonita, Jen Flunked On Order
Clements, Andrew Things Not Seen J F CLE
Cochrane, Mick The Girl Who Threw Butterflies M F COC
Connor, Leslie Waiting for Normal M F CON
Cooney, Caroline B. If the Witness Lied M F COO
Crossan, Sarah Apple and Rain M F CRO
de Quidt, Jeremy The Toymaker M F DEQ
Fenner, Carol The King of Dragons M F FEN
Fitzgerald, Laura Marx The Gallery M F FIT
Funke, Cornelia Reckless H F FUN
Funke, Cornelia *Thief Lord J F FUN



Funke, Cornelia *Inkheart J F FUN


Funke, Cornelia *Inkspell J F FUN


Gordon, Amy Twenty Gold Falcons M F GOR
Grennan, Conor Little Princes: One Man’s Promise... M 362.76 GRE
Grisham, John The Testament H F GRI
Grisham, John Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer (multiple books) M F GRI
Gutwein, Aaron Take Your Best Shot M 260.8 GUT
Heldring, Thatcher Roy Morelli Steps Up to the Plate M F HEL
Henkes, Kevin Olive’s Ocean M F HEN
Hiaasen, Carl *Flush M F HIA


Hiaasen, Carl *Hoot M F HIA


Hoobler, Dorothy The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn M F HOO
Hoose, Phillip The Boys Who Challenged Hitler M 940.53 HOO
Hopkinson, Deborah The Great Trouble: a Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel On Order
Ingold, Jeanette Paper Daughter M F ING
Jacobson, Jennifer R. Paper Things M F JAC
Jacobson, Jennifer R. Small as an Elephant M F JAC
Kadohata, Cynthia Half a World Away M F KAD
Kadohata, Cynthia *Kira-kira M F KAD


Kerley, Barbara Greetings From Planet Earth M F KER
Lane, Andrew Death Cloud M F LAN
Lasky, Kathryn Hawksmaid M F LAS
Lawhead, Stephen Byzantium M F LAW
Leeds, Constance The Unfortunate Son M F LEE
Lekich, John The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls On Order
Lewis, C. S. Out of the Silent Planet M F LEW v.1


Lowry, Lois Messenger M F LOW
Lowry, Lois Gossamer J F LOW


Lowry, Lois Son M F LOW
Maguire, Gregory Egg and Spoon M F MAG
McCaughrean, Geraldine Cyrano M F MCC
Meloy, Maile The Apothecary M F MEL
Milford, Kate The Left-Handed Fate (2018 Sakura Book) M F MIL
Mone, Gregory Fish M F MON
Mortenson, Greg Three Cups of Tea H 371.822 MOR
Muchamore, Robert The Recruit M F MUC v.1
Napoli, Donna Jo Daughter of Venice M F NAP
Nielsen, Jennifer A. The Scourge M F NIE
Oppel, Kenneth The Boundless (2016 Sakura book) M F OPP
Oppel, Kenneth The Nest (2017 Sakura book) J F OPP
Orr, Wendy Peeling the Onion H F ORR
Patterson, Valerie Operation Oleander M F PAT
Peck, Richard The Teacher’s Funeral J F PEC
Peck, Richard Here Lies the Librarian M F PEC
Perkins, Lynne Rae As Easy as Falling off the Face of the Earth H F PER
Preus, Margi West of the Moon M F PRE
Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game J F RAS


Reeve, Philip Here Lies Arthur M F REE
Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola 8th Grade Super Zero M F RUH
Ryan, Pam Munoz Echo (2017 Sakura Medal Winner) M F RYA
Sachar, Louis Small Steps M F SAC
Schlitz, Laura Splendors and Glooms M F SCH
Schmatz, Pat Bluefish M F SCH
Schmidt, Gary *Wednesday Wars M F SCH


Sensel, Joni The Farwalker’s Quest M F SEN
Sheth, Kashmira Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet H F SHE
Shinn, Sharon Gateway M F SHI
Shulman, Polly The Grimm Legacy M F SHU
Shulman, Polly The Poe Estate On Order
Shulman, Polly The Wells Bequest M F SHU
Shurtliff, Liesl Rump M F SHU
Shusterman, Neal Tesla’s Attic (2016 Sakura book)
Shusterman, Neal The Schwa was Here M F SHU
Smith, Gordon The Forest in the Hallway M F SMI
Strasser, Todd Fallout On Order
Stratton, Allan The Grave Robber’s Apprentice M F STR
Tashjian, Janety My Life as a Book J F TAS
Updale, Eleanor Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? M F UPD
Updale, Eleanor Montmorency: On the Rocks M F UPD
Updale, Eleanor Montmorency and the Assassins M F UPD
Van Draanen, Wendelin The Running Dream H F VAN
Vawter, Vince Paperboy M F VAW
Weeks, Sarah So B. It M F WEE
Wolk, Lauren Wolf Hollow On Order
Yolen, Jane Trollbridge M F YOL

Social Studies Reading List[edit]

Author Title Call Number
Barakat, Ibtisam Tasting the Sky M B BAR
Boyne, John *The Boy in the Striped Pajamas M F BOY


Bruchac, Joseph Code Talker M F BRU
Burg, Ann All the Broken Pieces M F BUR
Burg, Ann Serafina’s Promise M F BUR
Carmi, Daniella Samir and Yonatan M F CAR
Chapman, Fern S. Is It Night or Day? M F CHA
Compestine, Ying C. Revolution is Not a Dinner Party M F COM
Cushman, Karen The Loud Silence of Francine Green M F CUS
Engle, Margarita Silver People M F ENG
Gleeson, Libby Mahtab’s Story M F GLE
Gratz, Alan *Samurai Shortstop M F GRA


Gratz, Alan Prisoner B-3087 M F GRA
Gold, Alison Leslie A Special Fate M B SUG
Houston, Jeanne W. Farewell to Manzanar M B HOU
Hughes, Dean Missing in Action M F HUG
Kadohata, Cynthia A Million Shades of Gray M F KAD
Kadohata, Cyinthia Weedflower M F KAD
Kidd, Ronald Monkey Town M F KID
Leyson, Leon The Boy on the Wooden Box M B LEY
Laird, Elizabeth A Little Piece of Ground M F LAI
Li, Cunxin Mao’s Last Dancer M B LI
Master, Irfan A Beautiful Lie (2016 Sakura book) M F MAS
Nelson, Pete Left for Dead M 940.545 NEL
Park, Linda Sue *A Long Walk to Water M F PAR


Paterson, Katherine Master Puppeteer M F PAT
Perkins, Mitali *Bamboo People M F PER

M See Librarian

Preus, Margi Heart of a Samurai M F PRE
Salisbury, Graham Eyes of the Emperor H F SAL
Salisbury, Graham House of the Red Fish M F SAL
Salisbury, Graham Hunt for the Bamboo Rat M F SAL
Salisbury, Graham Under the Blood-Red Sun M F SAL
Senzai, N. H. Shooting Kabul M F SEN
Sepetys, Ruth Between Shades of Gray H F SEP
Smith, Roland Elephant Run M F SMI
Spinelli, Jerry Milkweed H F SPI
Uchida, Yoshiko Journey to Topaz M F UCH
Whelan, Gloria Chu Ju’s House J F WHE
Wiles, Deborah Countdown M F WIL
Yep, Laurence Dragon’s Gate M F YEP


Author Title Call Number
Benge Janet & Geoff Douglas MacArthur M B MAC
Blumberg, Rhoda Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun J 952 BLU
Galloway, Priscilla Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road M 950 GAL
Grant, R. G. Why Did Hiroshima Happen? M 940.54 GRA
Keat, Nawuth Alive in the Killing Fields M B KEA
Lekuton, Joseph Facing the Lion M B LEK
Tunnell, Michael Candy Bomber M 943 TUN
Turnbull, Stephen R. The Most Daring Raid of the Samurai M 952 TUR

Bible Reading List[edit]

Author Title Call Number
Benge, Janet & Geoff David Bussau: Facing the World Head-on M B BUS
Benge, Janet & Geoff Jacob DeShazer: Forgive Your Enemies M B DES
Benge, Janet & Geoff Lillian Trasher: The Greatest Wonder in Egypt M B TRA
Benge, Janet & Geoff Sundar Singh: Footprints Over the Mountains M B SIN
dcTalk Jesus Freaks: Stories of Those who Stood for Jesus H 272.9 JES v.1
dcTalk Jesus Freaks: Stories of Revolutionaries H 272.9 JES v.2
Jackson, Dave & Neta Hero Tales J 270.092 JAC
McKissack, Pat Let My People Go M F MCK
Morimoto, Toshio By Grace & Mercy M B MOR
Zhang, Song Nan A Little Tiger in the Chinese Night: An Autobiography in Art M 759.11 ZHA

Math Reading List[edit]

Author Title Call Number
Bendick, Jeanne Archimedes and the Door of Science M B ARC
Collier, Bruce Charles Babbage and the Engines of Perfection M B BAB
Harkins, Susan Sales The Life and Times of Pythagoras M B PYT
Hayhurst, Chris Euclid: the Great Geometer M B EUC
Reimer, Luetta & Wilbert Mathematicians are People Too M 510 REI (2 volumes)
Tent, M.B.W. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: The Polymath Who Brought Us Calculus M B LEI
Tent, M.B.W. Leonhard Euler and the Bernoullis: Mathematicians from Basel M B EUL
Tent, M.B.W. The Prince of Mathematics: Carl Friedrich Gauss M B GAU
Tent, M.B.W. Emmy Noether: The Mother of Modern Algebra M B NOE

English Reading List[edit]

Author Title Call Number
Gorrell, Gena K Say What?: The Weird and Mysterious Journey of the English Language M 420 GOR

Sports Reading List[edit]

Author Title Call Number
Blumenthal, Karen Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX, the Law That Changed the Future of Girls in America M 796 BLU

Science Reading List[edit]

Author Title Call Number
Burns, Loree G. Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe M 638 BUR
Burns, Loree G. Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion M 551.46 BUR
Challoner, Jack The Visual Dictionary of Chemistry M 540.3 CHA
Chevat, Richie The Omnivore’€™s Dilemma: The Secrets Behind What You Eat M 338.1 CHE
Coelho, Alexa Why is Milk White?: & 200 Other Curious Chemistry Questions M 540 COE
Dingle, Adrian How to Make a Universe With 92 Ingredients M 546 DIN
Fleisher, Paul The Secrets of the Universe (5-item series) M 530s
Gogerly, L. Fossil Fuels M 333.8 GOG
Green, Dan The Elements M 546.8 GRE
Green, Dan Extreme Physics: Take a Quantum Leap to the Edge of Science M 530 GRE
Hoose, Phillip Moonbird: A Year on the Wind With the Great Survivor B95 M 598.072 HOO
Latham, Donna Bridges and Tunnels: Investigate Feats of Engineering M 624.2 LAT
MacLeod, Elizabeth Bones Never Lie: How Forensics Helped Solve History’s Mysteries M 614 MAC
Markle, Sandra The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs: A Scientific Mystery M 597.8 MAC
Malnor, Bruce Earth Heroes: Champions of the Wilderness M 920 MAL
Marrin, Albert Black Gold: The Story of Oil in Our Lives M 553.2 MAR
Mebane, Robert Adventures with atoms and molecules, v. 3 and v. 5 M 540 MEB
Morris, John D. The Geology Book M550 MOR
Murphy, Jim Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-Ending Search for a Cure M 616.9 MUR
Murphy, Jim An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 M 614.5 MUR
Newmark, Ann Chemistry (Eyewitness book) M 540 NEW
Newquist, H.P. The Book of Blood: From Legends and Leeches to Vampires and Veins M 612.1 NEW
Richardson, Gillian Ten Plants That Shook the World M 581.6 RIC
Rusch, Elizabeth Eruption!: Volcanoes and the Science of Saving Lives M 363.34 RUS
Silvey, Anita The Plant Hunters: True Stories of Their Daring Adventures to the Far Corners of the Earth M 580.75 SIL
Van Rose, Susanna Earth M 550 VAN
Wicker, Benjamin The Mystery of the Periodic Table M 546 WIK
Winchester, Simon When the Earth Shakes: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis M 551.22 WIN
Woodford, Chris Atoms and Molecules: Investigating the Building Blocks of Matter M 539 WOO