Schedule, HS Student

Student General guidelines: In making a student schedule, the principal, who will make final decisions regarding student schedules, will consider the following:

  • student needs and input,
  • parent input,
  • past student performance in classes and on standardized tests,
  • teacher recommendations,
  • counselor and registrar input,
  • class size, and
  • availability of courses

The minimum course load is 6 credit classes per semester. A student may take a maximum of 3 AP classes. However, because of the intense homework schedule three AP classes are not recommended. Based on a documented parent appeal, exceptions may be granted by the principal. Due to class size limits, some students may not be able to be enrolled in a particular class. A class may be canceled due to low enrollment. Students may drop/add before the final day of the preceding school year. Unless a course has been acquired over the summer, students will not be able to add or drop a class at the beginning of the school year (see Courses)

Recommendations: Overall schedule: All students are required to take 7 classes for credit each semester. CAJ recommends a well-rounded schedule.

Study halls: All CAJ students must take a study hall. No students is permitted to take 8 classes. College-bound students: CAJ recommends that college-bound students take:

  1. a minimum of 3 maths/3 sciences
  2. one or more AP courses
  3. a reasonably rigorous schedule in the senior year. Students will be better prepared for college if they take an appropriately challenging schedule.

Typical schedules:

  • 9th grade:
    • Bible-PE/Health; English; algebra or geometry; biology; world history; language credit (choice: Japanese, Spanish); 1 fine arts/design credit; study hall.
  • 10th grade:
    • Bible-PE/Health; English; foreign language (choice: Japanese, Spanish); geometry or advanced math; chemistry or physics; 1 fine arts/design credit; study hall
  • 11th grade:
    • Bible-PE/Health; (AP)English; (AP)American history (may be combined into Humanities); foreign language (2nd year); 1 science credit (not compulsory); 2 electives per semester; study hall
  • 12th grade:
    • Bible-PE/Health;(AP) English; Japanese Culture/Global Issues; 3 electives per semester; study hall

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