Utilization of Personal Information


This document aims to present to the Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) community how CAJ uses, stores, and protects the personal information of its members. This is in accordance with the Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information provided by the Personal Information Protection Commission.

Description of Utilization[edit]

CAJ uses personal information of community members (students, staff, families, alumni, and others) to operate our school and related programs.

CAJ collects and keeps the following forms of data when it is provided to us from community members: contact information, family information, nationality, ethnicity, medical information, birth date, educational history, official documents (passport, visa, licenses, etc.), financial information. For staff we also keep background and employment history.

CAJ uses Google login information in order to verify identities and list available Google Classrooms.

CAJ takes necessary and appropriate action to maintain the security and control of personal data. CAJ supervises its employees when they handle personal data. Before working with third-parties, CAJ reviews the privacy policy of these companies to ensure they are inline with Japanese laws.

CAJ shares appropriate personal information with third-party companies, some of whom are overseas, to extend and enhance our program.

CAJ receives implicit consent from community members when they voluntarily submit information on our website, contracted third-party websites and via paper. A link to this document will be included in all initial forms or applications to CAJ.

CAJ will notify the community when changing this utilization of personal information document.