• Our community has a tradition of volunteering, and we are grateful for volunteers who help us equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ.
  • Extended school community members can help make a difference in many areas, including:
    • Classroom assistance
    • Driving students to school events
    • Field trip supervision
    • Library
    • Sports
    • Fine arts

Expectations for All Volunteers[edit]

  • It is essential that volunteers:
    • Comply with all directions from CAJ personnel.
    • Model Christ-like behavior at all times (behavior, attitude, vocabulary).
    • Dress appropriately for the occasion.
    • Wear a nametag at all times while on campus.
    • Support CAJ student handbook expectations regarding behavior.
    • Seek to be “above reproach” while interacting with students.
    • Avoid contact with students outside of the approved volunteer role (except as overlaps with role as parent or other role recognized by the school.
    • Avoid being alone (one on one) with any student other than their own child.
    • Keep CAJ personnel informed of questions and concerns regarding interactions with students.
    • Comply with CAJ’s Child Protection Policy and Universal Precautions Policy.

Expectations for Field Trip and Event Chaperones[edit]

  • When volunteers are used as chaperones it is essential that they also:
    • Are continually monitoring student behaviors
    • Are attending to the safety of the students and group at all times
    • Stay with the group (inform the staff if they leave for any reason, even momentarily)
    • Keep the staff person in charge informed of any concerns
    • Follow the directions of the staff member in charge
  • It is also important that they avoid:
    • Focusing too much attention on their own child rather than the group
    • The distraction of extended conversations with other adults
    • The distraction of phone calls, checking messages, email, social networking sites, etc.
    • Doing anything to undermine the authority of the staff person in charge (changing or challenging instructions, disobeying rules, etc.)

Volunteer Drivers[edit]

  • In addition to the other requirements for volunteers, volunteer drivers also must:
    • Provide proof of drivers license before transporting CAJ students or driving a CAJ vehicle (a copy must be submitted to the academic office)
    • Provide proof of motor vehicle insurance before transporting CAJ students in your personal vehicle (a copy must be submitted to the academic office)
    • Ensure students use seatbelts when transporting CAJ students
    • Comply with all Japanese driving laws

Parents and Other Volunteers[edit]

  • CAJ parents are automatically approved as volunteers.
    • Parent volunteers for ongoing interactions with students, such as assisting with coaches or teaching in classrooms, must be approved by the head of school and divisional principal for each season or extended activity in which they are involved.
  • Volunteers who do not have children enrolled at CAJ should apply online at http://www.caj.or.jp/employment/application.php
    • Approved non-parent volunteers do not need to automatically fill out an application each time they seek to volunteer, but they must be approved by the head of school and divisional principal for each season or activity beyond that for which they were originally approved.