2013, November 19 Board of Directors Meeting

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Christian Academy Board of Directors
Board Neeting
November 19, 2013
Matsukawa Place, Harvest Hall, 8:45 a.m.



  1. Gaius Berg (for WorldVenture)
  2. Pauline Carlson (ECC)
  3. Grace Fukuzawa (Member at Large and Educator)
  4. Misook Gho (CRJM)
  5. Gerald May (TEAM)
  6. Kenichi Shinagawa (Member at Large)
  7. Steven Tarter (SEND International)
  8. Brian Vander Haak (Headmaster)
  9. Suzanne Warren (OMS)



Ex Officio

  1. Taizo Morimoto (Supervisor-Auditors) 
  2. John Sakurai (Supervisor-Auditors)

SY 13-14:71 Call to Order  

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 a.m.

SY 13-14:72 Devotions  

Pauline Carlson led the board in devotions on Lamentations 3. “Great is Thy Faithfulness” This is God’s place; He has been faithful for 65 years.

SY 13-14:73 Prayer Time for the School  

SY 13-14:74 Approval of Agenda  

MSC to approve the agenda. 

SY 13-14:75 Approval of November 5, 20013 Minutes  

MSC to approve the minutes from the November 5, 2013 board meeting.

SY 13-14:76 Approval of Consent Agenda

MSC to approve the following consent agenda item: Executive Actions of November 5, 2013

SY 13-14:77 Training with Dr. Bruce Hekman

Bruce Hekman shared about what he calls "Flourishing Organization," utilizing the Stellar Performance Model. He gave helpful tools on how to get to the point of being a flourishing organization. Bruce said there are cycles in an organization's life: create, conserve, criticize (constructively), and change. He also said that great innovations come from great questions. 

SY 13-14:78 Closing Prayer

Bruce Hekman closed in prayer. 

SY 13-14:79 Adjournment

MSC to adjourn the meeting at 3:35 p.m. 


_________________________________________ (seal)
Steven Tarter
Board Secretary 

_________________________________________ (seal)
Pauline Carlson
Board Chair 

_________________________________________ (seal)
Gaius Berg
Board Vice Chair for Finance 

Grace Fukuzawa
Board Member

Misook Gho
Board Member

Gerald May
Board Member

Kenichi Shinagawa
Board Vice Chair

Brian Vander Haak
Board Member

Suzanne Warren
Board Member