Board of Directors

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*The job of the Christian Academy in Japan Board of Directors, in accordance to God's call and on behalf of the evangelical missionary community in Japan, is to determine, require, and monitor appropriate organizational performance.

  • The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the vision for CAJ's future and the head of school is responsible to implement that vision.
  • In accordance with the expectations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, CAJ's board is two-tiered, consisting of a:
    • Nine-member Board of Directors made up of one representative from each of the six founding missions, two representatives from the community, and CAJ's head of school.
    • Nineteen-member Board of Councilors made up of representatives from the six founding missions and the community.
  • The Christian Academy in Japan board shall govern with an emphasis on:
(a) Biblically-based integrity and truthfulness in all methods and practices
(b) Outward vision
(c) Strategic leadership
(d) Clear distinction of board and head of school roles
(e) Collective decisions
(f) The future
(g) A proactive approach