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Section 1 Ends

The purpose of CAJ is the establishment of a private school in Japan to provide a Christ-centered education, primarily for the children of Christian missionaries and also for others who desire a Christ-centered education for their children.

1.0 Students equipped to serve Japan and the world for Christ. (consistent with Article II and III of the Constitution.)

1.1 Students: Students achieving the student objectives
1.2 Program: An exemplary, sustainable, Bible-based, Christ-centered educational program. (SY18-19:114)
1.3 Culture: We will serve Japan and the world for Christ in a culture reflecting our core values: God is the author of all truth; God created humans in His image; God designed people for community. (SY19-20:18)
1.4 Staff: Christian staff who are qualified, proficient, effective, and committed to professional growth. (SY 06-07:143; SY 10-11:52; SY 10-11:182-191; SY 16-17:83; SY18-19:122)
1.5 Finance: Sound financial practices (SY19-20:100)
1.6 Facilities: An attractive, safe, well-maintained facility that enhances student learning

(SY 06-07:143; SY 10-11:52; SY 10-11:182-191; SY 16-17:83)

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