Event Attendance and Supervision

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*Students and parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the variety of school programs, concerts, and sports activities offered throughout the year.

  • If a child is a part of the program, the school will supervise the student; but if the child is not participating in the program, the parents are responsible.
  • Students who come for events are expected to remain at the event. At programs and during indoor sports events, elementary children are to be supervised by their parents. At no time should students be inside any facility without the permission and supervision of an authorized adult. CAJ assumes no responsibility for students on campus before 8:00am or after 4:00pm (library and LRC until 4:30).
  • The mini-gym is open to parents who want to watch the game while supervising their small children (up to and including grade 5). A child should not be sent to play in the mini-gym without having arranged for someone to look after him/her. Small children in the mini-gym without direct parental supervision and middle school students will be asked to return to the main gym.