Bylaws of Christian Academy in Japan


A. Privileges

The privileges of a founding mission (or a duly appointed replacement mission) shall be:
1. To recommend nominees for board membership.
2. To have first priority for its children in enrollment and admission to the classrooms and hostel of the Christian Academy in Japan.
3. To have first priority in consideration of its recommendations for staffing.

B. Withdrawal

The process for withdrawal of a founding mission provided for in Article V, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution shall be as follows:
1. Notification of intent to withdraw shall be given by the September board meeting. Withdrawal from founding mission status shall take effect on the following June 30.
2. At the same time of notifying the CAJ board of its intention to withdraw as a founding mission, the mission shall inform the field leaders and home offices of the other founding missions.
3. The withdrawing mission shall receive no financial settlement from CAJ at the time of withdrawal. However, in the event of the dissolution of the corporation, the provisions set forth in Article V. 3. in the Constitution shall apply.

C. Replacement or Addition

The process governing the replacement of a withdrawn mission, or addition of a new mission, as provided for in Article V. Paragraph 2. of the Constitution shall be as follows:
1. The field leaders and founding home boards shall be consulted.
2. The applying mission shall agree to the doctrinal statement and purpose of CAJ, as defined in the constitution.
3. With three months advance notice being given of the intent to vote on this application, three-fourths favorable vote must be cast by CAJ board members present at a duly-called meeting.
4. A withdrawing mission shall solicit nominations for board members from the replacement mission for the next term of office.
5. No financial settlements may be made between a withdrawing mission and a replacement mission. (SY 13-14:19)


These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote at any duly-called meeting of the board of directors, provided that two weeks' previous notice has been sent to each member of the board stating the desired change.


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