Member Missions

*According to Article IV of the school constitution, member missions of Christian Academy in Japan are:

    • Christian Reformed Japan Mission (CRJM)
    • Serve Globally - The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC)
    • WorldVenture (formerly Japan Conservative Baptist Mission (JCBM))
    • One Mission Society (OMS)
    • SEND International
    • The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)
  • According to Article IV and Article V of the constitution, member missions:
    • Nominate 2 representatives to the board of directors and two representatives to the board of councilors, which have responsibility for the operation of CAJ.
    • Exercise their control of CAJ through the board of directors, which is the legal property-holding entity recognized by the Japanese government
    • May withdraw, using a specified process
  • As specified in Article V of the school constitution, CAJ as a corporation may be dissolved by a 3/4 vote of the board members present at a legally-called meeting of the corporation.
    • In case of dissolution of the corporation, surplus assets of the corporation, resulting from the dissolution, shall be donated to public service institutions of similar purpose when adopted by the board and approved by the Governor of Tokyo-To.
  • Where permitted by the Japanese government, priority consideration shall be given to donating the funds to member mission-related institutions qualifying as public service institutions, in order to honor the original 1961 agreement among the member missions regarding the disbursement of surplus assets in the event of dissolution.
    • The second priority would be Christian organizations qualifying as public service institutions closest in purpose to CAJ.

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