Technology Guide, Student

Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy[edit]

Students are expected to understand and follow CAJ's Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy at all times. The policy extends to online behaviors, and is in effect both on and off campus while you are enrolled as a student at CAJ. To ensure that CAJ is a healthy and safe place, inappropriate use that may harm yourself or others must be reported in line with our Mandate Reporting Policy

Personal Device Policy[edit]

We value communication and interactions that happen between all members of the CAJ community. Although we acknowledge that technology can help us communicate and interact with others, we believe that this cannot replace what we gain through face-to-face interactions. Therefore, to encourage healthy communication and interactions, we are implementing the following guidelines:

  • Cell phones or other personal electronic devices (including the Apple Watch, personal computers, or similar communication devices) may not be used on campus during school hours by middle/high school students. (“School hours” begin when a student passes through the gate.) Students must keep personal devices in their bags or lockers during school hours, not in their pockets. Students may not have ear buds or other headphones (unless they have permission) in their ear during school hours unless in study hall or during lunch in the designated area (see below). Students may not use their devices during break even if they are off campus. Chromebooks may not be used in-between classes for non-educational purposes.
  • Exceptions to this are the following situations:
    • High School students may use personal devices in the cafeteria and on the cafeteria porch during high school lunch hours.
    • Teachers may give permission to use personal devices for educational purposes during class. (If students are working outside of the classroom, they need to have a device pass.)
    • Middle and high school students may use their personal devices after the last block, but not in the academic building.
    • Students may listen to music during study hall or in class if the teacher allows, as long the personal device is kept in bag.
  • Consequences: Cell phones and other electronic devices used inappropriately will be confiscated and must be reclaimed from the principal at the end of the school day.
    • Consequences are the following:
      First offense: warning
      Second offense: parents notified
      Third offense: parents notified and 1 hour detention
      Fourth offense: conference with parents and contract issued
      Fifth offense: in-school suspension, conference with parents, discussion of future
    • If a cell phone or other electronic device is confiscated because certain types of inappropriate behavior are suspected (harassment, cheating, pornography, illegal activities, etc.), the principal may examine the contents of the device. At least one other staff person will be present during the examination.
    • Students may be required to provide access and show the administrator what is preserved in the memory.


  • Students are required to check their CAJ mail account daily.
  • Not having accessed their email will not be an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline, assignment or special instructions.

One to One Program[edit]

Acceptable Use and Care[edit]

  • Any hardware problems should be brought to the attention of technology staff. Technology staff are available in the computer lab and the technology office.
  • High school students must charge and bring their school-issued Chromebook to school every day.
  • High school students (or families) will be responsible for a deductible for any charges associated with repair of the student laptop.
    • Intentional damage and destruction of a student laptop will be brought to the principal and school leadership for consideration in line with our vandalism and restitution policies.
  • The school will supply a laptop slip case for each high school student. Students are encouraged (though not required) to use the slip cover on a daily basis. However, please try to use the covers as this will keep the computer looking nice over its life.


  • Computers are monitored using the GoGuardian software and other applications.
  • The purpose of monitoring is to ensure that students are on task in class and not using their computers inappropriately.