Computer and Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Within existing school policy, including Standards of Conduct, technology and digital resources are to be used to support, advance, and enhance learning and productivity in order to achieve CAJ's mission.

  • All computer and digital device use is covered by this policy, including (but not limited to) school laptops (see One-to-One Laptop Program), personal computers (see Personal Computers on Campus), tablets, cell phones, etc.
  • Appropriate use extends to social media, email, chat, and other online activities. (see also Online and Digital Behaviors)
  • Appropriate behavior is expected at all times, including outside of class and off campus.
  • Users will demonstrate discernment and caring for others when using computers. Do not use technology in ways that are objectionable, obscene, offensive, or harmful to yourself or others. Students and staff are required to report concerns in accordance with our Mandated Reporting Policy.
  • Users will respect others’ privacy. Do not access or use another’s account or open, read, modify or remove another's files, postings or emails. Do not post pictures or make comments about others online without their permission.
  • Appropriate use includes only using computers, digital devices, and the CAJ network for legal activities. If you have a question about whether an application or activity is legal, please consult with the technology team.
  • Computers and other digital devices may only be used for school work during class, unless the teacher specifically allows an exception.
  • Users are responsible for the safety and security of their account and computer.
  • Users are responsible for properly saving and backing up their files.
  • Users will be good stewards of computer resources. Do not abuse, damage, or disrupt computers, networks, or other related technology. (see also Graffiti and Vandalism)
  • Authorized staff will access student accounts (including data on the server, on the computer or other devices including cell phones, or online) and monitor usage when deemed necessary.
  • Violations of this policy will be reported to the appropriate authority and may result in discipline including the loss of computer privileges.

For more information about technology at CAJ see Technology Guide, Student and Technology Guide, Parent