High School Handbook

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Welcome to the Christian Academy in Japan, better known to its friends as "CAJ." You have become a member of a community of scholars in which we all contribute to each other's growth spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially. As individuals and as a community we are called to show the world that there is a different and rewarding way of life for those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ.

This handbook is intended to be a helpful introduction to our life together in this community. It describes who we are and what we can expect from each other as we live and work together. Reading through this handbook and accessing it for reference will answer many of your questions and help you feel at home more quickly.

CAJ reserves the right to change or clarify any policy in the handbooks at any time, at its sole discretion (or at the discretion of the Board, where applicable), whenever it determines that it is in the best interests of the school to change the policy.

As you enter high school you are beginning to discover who you are, and this journey involves the emergence of higher level thinking and deeper analysis. You will explore deeply and are ready to engage in discussions, debate, and selection of your own passions and interests.

In middle school, you were acquiring much of the base knowledge necessary to critically assess and analyze various topics. At the high school level, you will build on that foundation and begin to apply, synthesize and create. You become owners and leaders in your own learning experience rather than receivers of information. You will engage with both the teacher and the learning process, and begin to make choices about what you learn and how you will learn it. This prepares you for the next stage in your life where you will have less support and more independence and responsibility in all areas of your life. Whether you go to university, take a gap year or begin working right out of high school, we want you to feel confident that with the skills and knowledge you have been equipped with in high school, it will help you live the next stage of your lives to the fullest.

Not only that, my hope for all of you is that no matter where you are in your understanding of and relationship with God, you will know that you are loved by God, created by God, and have a unique place in His Story, and that you will join Him in His work in restoring His world.

Academic Expectations[edit]

Behavioral Expectations[edit]

Child Protection Policy[edit]

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